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Frequently asked questions about RockboxUtility (FAQ)

What is it?

As stated on RockboxUtility, this is the automated installer tool for Rockbox. See that page for more details.

Where can I get it?

The most recent version of RockboxUtility is always available on the RockboxUtility wiki page.

I get a "No Ipod found" / "No Sansa found" message when trying to install

Installation of the bootloader requires permissions for direct disk access. Check your user permissions.
  • Windows: you need to have administrator priviledges
  • Linux, OS X: you need write permissions to the players device file. Usually users don't have this permission. If in doubt run RockboxUtility as root.
Installation of the main build as well as updating (using the "Installation" tab) doesn't requires those permissions and can be done as normal user.

I have permissions for direct disk access but still get a "No Sansa found" message.

Make sure the Sansa is in MSC mode. You can't install Rockbox if the Sansa is in MTP mode. See also SansaFAQ#My_c200_doesn_t_have_an_MSC_Mode

Autodetection doesn't find my Ipod / Sansa

If you haven't installed Rockbox before you need permissions for direct disk access (see "No Ipod found" / "No Sansa found" question) to detect the player. After you installed Rockbox once this is no longer needed.

Bootloader installation stop with "Can't open Ipod ..." / "Can't open Sansa ..."

Make sure you don't have Itunes running. Bootloader installation is only possible if Itunes isn't running. On Windows, check the task manager for remaining processes. On Mac, make sure Itunes is really closed and and not only minimized.

What does "Download error: received HTTP error 404" mean?

The HTTP error 404 means "file not found". This usually means that the download server has some issues. As downloads are provided by several mirrors this can affect only one of those. Retry a few minutes later.

How can I install my own build using RockboxUtility?

You can't, and we're not planning to support doing so.

How can I help?

If you want to help out developing RockboxUtility please check the development pages at RockboxUtilityDevelopment. Also, don't hesitate to contact us via the Rockbox support channels (IRC, forums, dev-mailling list).

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