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Port Status

driver status comments
LCD 90% Only one type of lcd implemented. No inverse and other fancy stuff.
Backlight 100% PWM frequency is quite low ~500Hz but my backlight driver circuit can't cope with higher freq reliably.
Buttons 100% Hardware keys for generic/reference design.
I2C 100% Both internal bus to the codec and external supported.
SD 90% Basicaly works. DMA handling is suboptimal. Needs more testing.
NAND 10% Low level driver part is reverse engineered. The work on reverse engineer FTL scheme is started.
PCM 80% PCM driver implemented but playback is choppy on some players.
Codec 90% Driver for internal Dolphin codec implemented but not much tested. No support for anything else than playback through i2s or analog bypass for FM.
Recording 0% Not implemented.
ADC 100%  
RTC 0% Not present in my device. From various documents it seems that HYM8563 (PCF8563 clone) is widely used. Some members of the rk27xx family have internal RTC.
FM 100% RDA5807P driven in TEA5767 compatibility mode. Only in analog bypass mode for now.
USB 90% The driver is not yet merged see patch on gerrit. There are still some minor issues to be solved and more testing is needed

Running custom code

One may compile rockbox bootloader (which currently is playground for testing code) and execute this on the device with help of rk27load utility (located in utils/rk27tools/rk27load)

As of r30459 it is possible to compile and run main rockbox binary, codecs and a few test plugins.

-- MarcinBukat - 07 Jun 2011

r10 - 02 Apr 2021 - 20:46:07 - UnknownUser

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