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RS232 converter

What is this?

This is an RS232 converter for interfacing a PC with an Archos Jukebox (or any other device with a 3.3V serial port). It converts the PC serial port signals to 3.3V levels. The design is very straightforward, using a standard MAX3232 transceiver.

How to power it the easy way

It takes its power from the DTR signal in the serial port, so the communication software in the PC must set the DTR signal ACTIVE for this to work. It might still not work on some laptops, that may have a weak driver for the DTR signal.

How to power it the safe way

If your PC is a laptop or otherwise might risk having too little power in the serial port, it is also possible to take power from the USB port or another 5-10V source. Just remove the D1 diode and connect the power to the +5V and GND pads.

How to make one

rs232_board_bottom.png rs232_board_top.png rs232_board_place.png
Circuit board bottom layout (PDF) Circuit board top layout (PDF) Circuit board component placement (PDF)


Schematics (big PNG 33kb) (PDF)

Bill of materials

Part Value Device Package Description
C1 0.1uF C-EUC0805 C0805 Capacitor
C2 0.1uF C-EUC0805 C0805 Capacitor
C3 0.1uF C-EUC0805 C0805 Capacitor
C4 0.1uF C-EUC0805 C0805 Capacitor
C5 1uF CPOL-EUCT3216 CT3216 Polarized Capacitor
IC1 LP2980IM5 LP2980IM5 SOT23-5 3.3V Voltage regulator
IC2 MAX3232CWE MAX3232CWE SO16 RS232 Transceiver
P1 DSUB9 DSUB9 DSUB9 9-pin board mounted D-SUB, 90 deg. angle

To make your life complete, here are Linus' complete schematics made in Eagle 4.08r2.

  Length     Date   Time    Name
 --------    ----   ----    ----
    14175  03-26-02 11:13   eagle.epf
     7588  03-06-02 16:28
    10271  03-06-02 15:32   linus.lbr
      848  03-26-02 13:50   README
      570  03-26-02 13:18   RS232
    13443  03-26-02 10:57   RS232 Converter.brd
   187210  03-06-02 16:18   RS232 Converter.sch
 --------                   -------
   234105                   7 files

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