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STMP 37xx Chips


This is the page for the STMP37xx chips family. This family was designed by Sigmatel which was later bought by Fresscale which discontinued all the chips except the STMP3780 now known as the iMX233. This family is usually split into two subfamilies: the STP3700 and the STMP3780. The STMP3700 family refers to all the STMP37xx with xx<80. Although both families share a great number of things, there are a few differences between the families and the chips itself. We also document the STMP36xx family since it is so close to the STMP37xx one.

Differences between chips

One major difference between the two families of chips is that they have use completely different pins. The STMP37xxPins page contains the pin maps of the different chips. Another major difference is that they have different registers for some hardware blocks. The table below lists other differences. Values in red are NOT confirmed. Values in blue are not confirmed but come from various documents from Sigmatel. Note that the Sigmatel documents have been known to overlook details. For example the IMX233 hardware is known to have a DRI interface and a CSC hardware but this is not documented.

Chip Chip ID On-Chip RAM IrDA USB ATA
STMP3650 0x3600 256 KiB Yes FS/HS Device Yes
STMP3710 0x3700 256 KiB No FS/HS Device No
STMP3731 0x3700 256 KiB Yes FS/HS Device Yes
STMP3738 0x3700 256 KiB Yes FS/HS Device Yes
STMP3750 0x3700 256 KiB Yes FS/HS Host/Device Yes
STMP3760 0x3700 256 KiB Yes FS/HS Device No
STMP3770 0x37b0 512 KiB No FS/HS Device No
STMP3780 0x3780 32 KiB (1) FS/HS Host/Device No

(1): documentation says no but hardware says yes, we don't have a way to test it

-- AmauryPouly - 11 Jul 2012

r7 - 02 Apr 2021 - 20:46:07 - UnknownUser

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