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Samsung YP-T9 Rockbox Port Page Index

March 13th 2007- Progress has started, wiki page is created.

T9 Pictures

I have not taken these pictures, but have gotten them from another forum. All credit goes to ronbo.

Here's a perfect picture of the inside. This is where all the circuts run. t9inside1yr8.jpg

This is a picture of the front side. t9inside2mv0.jpg

Backside of case along side the front end. t9inside3ii7.jpg

Differnt view of the front side. t9inside4zi4.jpg

The back side. t9inside5rs4.jpg

T9 Chip & Information

The processor is an ARM, Samsung OEM model SA58700X08?, check out SamsungSA58 for more info.

Next to the processor is a chip labeled as 'K4M561633G' submodel BN75. This is a 4x4Mbit SRAM chip clocked at 133mhz in CL3 or 111mhz in CL2. PDF: It appears to be low-power flash RAM for use probably as a library repository and to hold the interface in memory.

Memory is a Samsung K9HBG08U1M? chip which is described as an MLC array which really just means it's a high-speed variant of the more plain jane 4GB modules.

There's space on the board for another memory module as well.

There's also a small 16 or 20-pin space for one of those oh-so-common bluetooth modules. The antenna is a thick trail on the board on the edge just beside and behind the 'left' button on the d-pad.

FYI, the d-pad is connected via a flex cable and ZIF, and is a separate part.

Also, the LCD is connected with a flex cable and ZIF connector, but also via four pass-through solder points marked K-K-K-X... The flex connector also has a series of ceramic resistors or capacitors on it. I'm guessing this has something to do with interference reduction for the backlight driver so it doesn't screw over the bluetooth.

There's not much more to say. The board and all connectors all show obvious signs of manufacturing or design in-house at Samsung. Things like epoxy surrounding the ARM processor make this obvious.

Credit goes to Technomancer for the information.

r4 - 16 Mar 2007 - 09:08:23 - LinusNielsenFeltzing

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