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Samsung YH-920, 925 and 820 port page

Player info

For information about the player itself see SamsungYH920?

Port Status

Due to the similarites to various PP and iriver Players, the Port is already pretty advanced.

A bootloader and main binary can be built using code in SVN. The port is mostly functional (see below), but keymaps could use more work.


Currently, the bootloader replaces the OF. Dual boot is supported by booting either /.rockbox/rockbox.mi4 or /SYSTEM/OF.[mi4|bin].In order to boot the OF, press the left button immediately after the Rockbox bootloader pops up (a half second before may work also, it needs some timing).


  • Connect the Samsung to your computer.
  • Get the bootloader from (Samsung YH925), from (Samsung YH920) or compile it yourself from SVN (The bootloader file is named FW_YH820.mi4 for the YH820, PP5020.mi4 for the YH920, and FW_YH925.mi4 for the YH925). See HowToCompile
  • Rename the OF (original firmware) file in the SYSTEM folder to "OF.mi4" if you want to preserve dual boot. Note: The system folder is hidden by default. You need may need to activate "Show hidden files and folders" if you're on Windows.
  • Overwrite the OF file in the SYSTEM directory on your player.
  • Get the Rockbox build from here: (Samsung YH92* only as of now) or compile Rockbox from SVN on your own. Then extract on the Samsung.
  • Safely remove the device, unplug and let it boot into Rockbox.

Current Status

Target USB Battery Charging/Monitoring Dual Boot OF Playback FM-Radio Recording Display Storage Buttons Plugins Simulator General Problems
YH820 Yes Yes/No Yes Yes None No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
YH920 Yes Yes/No Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
YH925 Yes Yes/Yes Yes Yes None No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  

** Note that charging is entirely done by hardware, Rockbox has no control over it.

Battery Runtime

See SamsungRuntime for a collection of battery benches and charging curves.
r19 - 29 Nov 2009 - 23:41:09 - MichaelGiacomelli

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