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OF disassembly findings

LCD controller is SPFD5420A or similar. Lcdif module is configured in 18bit mode.

FM tuner seems to be from RDA580x family (according to i2c address)

Codec used is Wolfson WM8988 (which is almost the same as WM8750 for which we have a driver in rockbox). The codec is clocked with 12MHz from rk27xx codec pll. The headphones output seems to be driven by LOUT2 and ROUT2 stages contrary to other targets using codec from this family.

Driver for unknown device with i2c address 0x60 is present (could it be s353x0a rtc ?)


GPIO direction function comment
PC1 in POWER button active high
PC5 out ? set low on init
PC7 in SD DETECT active low
PE2 out ? set low on init
PF2 out ? This is somehow involved in codec handling. Unmute function sets this pin high

joystick is handled by LRADC channel 1
state value
default 0x3fe
right 0x2af
left 0x231
select 0x1b4
down 0x126
up 0x09e

user button, back button and menu button are handled by LRADC channel 2
state value
default 0x3ff
user 0x1af
back 0x124
menu 0x09b

-- MarcinBukat - 25 Jan 2014

r7 - 02 Apr 2021 - 20:46:07 - UnknownUser

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