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Samsung YP-Q2 Port Page

This page contains information about the Samsung YP-Q2 player. The Rockbox port will be probably chosen to be an application on top of Linux despite the great work of pamaury (imx233 platform) mostly due to the NAND chip.

The player runs a Linux port based off the STMP Linux SDK.

Player Info

A lot of basic information, reversed information and sample code can be found

  1. Synaptics touch controller (unknown, bitbanged i2c interface)
  2. OSS Linux audio subsystem (doh! No ALSA here...): DAC and ADC
  3. FM Radio: SI4703 (bitbanged i2c). Possibly, the high level pin interface will be used to let rockbox bitbangin'.
  4. 4 Hardware revisions (detectable by pins BANK:2 (PIN:7 and PIN:8) ). Most probably, prototype units but better to handle all the cases and at least have it shown in the debug menu.
  5. Mute pin (BANK 0 PIN 12 or 21 depending on HW revision)
  6. Firmware update consists of a XORed data stream. The data stream is a tar package containing several components (zImage, rootfs, appfs, miscellaneous)

Open source kernel

The released source code from Samsung is available at their open source website: after a tailored request to them they'll publish the source code for the kernel for a period of 1 month. It is afterwards possible to request it again. Hurry up now smile (expires ~June 2017)

Dear Customer, 

We are pleased to provide you the source code of YP-Q2. 

You can download the source code from the site below: 
You may search for 'YP-Q2' from osrc site; however, please understand that this model's opensource codes will be available on the website until end of this month. (After that, this code will be shared via email when it is requested again.) 

Thank you. 

Sincerely yours, 
Samsung OSRC Team

Port Status

Information gathering phase. Player not yet received ...


  1. Analyze the Linux environment (e.g. check C library, libraries like oss/alsa, get rootfs details and sysfs/Dev info)
  2. Check if standard i2c char device is available to implement some drivers directly in Rockbox
  3. Study pins e.g. radio power, audio mute, headphone detect
  4. Understand how to use the touchpad via standard try device like buttons or implement the touchpad driver in rockbox. Document non-standard APIs

Installation Guide Using Rockbox Tools

Platform and Internals

  1. The kernel seems to be able to flash a new bootloader but it is unclear yet if this functionality is opted out in the "main" kernel image or it is limited to the kernel that is shipped with the recovery tools (exactly as observed in the YP-Z5)
  2. The C library is "libc" therefore I do not see major issues with current rockbox hosted platforms.


0 12 MUTE not(4)
0 21 MUTE 4

Firmware structure

Firmware is basically a tar file. This tar file is XOR-ed by using the so called "a16decrypt" (the binary that decrypts the firmware file on the device has this name)

Software related interesting facts

Bricked device

TODOs and ideas



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