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Sandisk Sansa C100

Current Status

  • LCD driver is functioning
  • Button driver is functioning


USB Boot Mode/Recovery Mode

Hold select/center button on USB connect.

Production Test Mode

Holding the lower-volume (the leftward one) button, the "options"/bottom of circle button, and pressing menu for several seconds will enable a production test mode which can be used to test the various parts of the player. It seems to me that all of the basic information we need is available in this application (button triggers, LCD info, etc). The strings used by this mode can be found in the player.rom hex file.


Files - Sansa c140/c150 Updater. American firmware updater to v1.0.0.5a. Does not work if the player already has a v2 firmware on it. - American firmware v2.0.008A.


To upgrade the firmware, the file player.rom needs to be copied to the root of the device. Upon reboot, the user is prompted to upgrade. If yes is selected, the firmware is upgraded and the file deleted from the FAT partition. A reboot is required to actually start the new firmware - the existing version will continue to run. Based on the observation that the existing firmware continues to run after a firmware update, it would seem that the firmware itself is executing from RAM, rather than executing in place from a ROM.


You can safely upload to and execute code from RAM using tcctool (pre-built Windows binary here:


1111000000001100 (F00C?) - - Default
1111000000001101 (F00D?) - 0x1 - USB Plug
1111000000001110 (F00E?) - 0x2 - Hold Switch
1111000000000100 (F004) - ! 0x8 - Volume Up/Down & A-B Repeat/Down Button
1111000000001000 (F008) - ! 0x4 - Left/Up/Right Directions
1111000010001100 (F08C?) - 0x80 - Select
1111000100001100 (F10C?) - 0x100 - Power/Menu


Large Chips

v1 (NAND Interface)

Sansa-C140.flip_small.jpg Sansa-C140.LCD_small.jpg Sansa-C140.back_small.jpg Sansa-C140.memory_small.jpg

Larger images: | Front with LCD flipped away | Front | Back | Memory Chip |

v2 (SD Interface)

c150-front-small.png c150-memboard-small.png c150-memboard2-small.png mystery_chip.png

Larger images: | Front | Memory Board 1 | Memory Board 2 |

Useful Links

Similar devices: LogikDaxPort, SansaM200Port, IaudioU3Info, SamsungK5Port.

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