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The Rockbox Sansa c200 port

There is a separate rockbox port to the c200v2 models. The v1 hardware uses firmware named 01.xx.xx, while the v2 hardware uses firmware beginning with 03. This version number can be retrieved under Settings->Info.


Full installation and uninstallation instructions for all supported devices are in the Rockbox manual.

If you encounter an error during automated installation on OS X, you may need to launch the RockBox Utility with root permissions. To do this:

  • Ensure that the has been copied to your Applications folder.

  • Open a terminal window.

  • Type sudo /Applications/ and press return.


There are currently simulators for all Rockbox compatible devices. A simulator can be useful for seeing what Rockbox looks and feels like before installing as well as testing out your homemade themes before putting them on your player. The c200 simulator is here.


Recovery Mode

Recovery mode can be used to replace a .mi4 image on the player. If you by some reason can't boot into the original firmware, like if you messed up the installation or similar, or you simply want to change the firmware to a different version, recovery mode can be your friend. To get there:

  • Power off
  • Turn ON lock/hold
  • Hold REC button and press MENU button (used to turn the player on/off)
  • Plug the player to the computer
  • In My Computer you can see new drive 16MB-FORMAT
To update the firmware, copy the unzipped files into the 16mb drive, unplug the player, and release the hold switch.

A word of caution ALERT!

  • Only copy these specific files to the recovery partition.
  • Do not format this 16MB drive
  • Do not try anything else unless you have to. Again: You might brick your player!
If all else fails, you can try the SansaC200Erase tool to completely wipe your Sansa clean in order to recover it.

Diagnosis Mode

To get into Diag mode ( not the same as recovery mode):

  • Power off
  • Turn ON lock/hold
  • Hold down DOWN BUTTON
  • Insert USB cable or press menu/on while holding down button.
The e200tool can be used to unbrick a c200 as long as the diag mode works.

Hardware Details

sansa c200 image by

  • The good people at took one apart and wrote an article about it (with lots of photos). It can be found here.
  • We can easily detect the AS3514.
  • Rockbox identifies the PP chip as a PP5022C
  • There are 1GB and 2GB versions of this flash player.
  • The display is a 132x80 colour LCD, controlled by a Samsung S6B33B2 (datasheet)
  • The radio chip (if present) is a lv24020 or compatible.
  • The chip marked 4L64 in the bottom left is the Microchip company's model 24LC64 64K I2C Serial EEPROM. (

Firmware Details

This player is clearly PortalPlayer based and uses mi4 files for upgrading. The mi4code tool on the mi4 site is updated to decrypt these mi4 files out-of-the-box.

Other Pages Of Interest

  • SansaRuntime - Modeled after the successful IpodRuntime page, this is a collection of reported runtime tests.
  • SansaFAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about the Sansa e200 port. Many points apply to the c200 as well.
  • SansaCharging - This page describes the results of experiments on getting charging to work properly on Sansa players.

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