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The Rockbox Sansa e200 port

This page is not for the v2 models. The v1 firmware is named 01.xx.xx, while the v2 firmware begins with 03. This version number can be retrieved under Settings->Info.


Full installation and uninstallation instructions for all supported devices are in the Rockbox manual. Owners of e200R/Rhapsody models go here.

Rockbox Status

At present:

  • LCD driver DONE
  • Backlight DONE
  • Flash driver DONE - This can be substantially improved by using DMA and sleeping/yielding appropriately
  • MicroSD card driver DONE - Functional as of 30 June 2007.
  • MicroSDHC card driver DONE - Functional as of 22 August 2007. Feel free to test various capacities and tell us your results!
  • Button driver DONE - GPIO IRQ button driver enabled in SVN as of 06-03-2007.
  • USB handler DONE - Rockbox USB stack enabled as of r20105 (2009-02-26)
  • Power handling DONE
  • Audio DAC driver DONE - Recording now works as of 5 June 2007, but only through the built-in microphone.
  • FM Radio DONE - Functional as of 06-06-2007. The driver still needs tweaking, but it's working.
  • Clock (RTC) DONE

Additional work:

  • Not all plugins have been adapted to the Sansa's screen layout yet.
  • The keys used in some plugins are not optimal. Discussion on better keys is appreciated (see, for example FS#6467.)


Frequently asked questions about Rockbox for the Sansa series can be found here.

Rhapsody/e200R Models

More information here. If the USB options on your player are "MSC" and "MTP" it's non-R, if they're "Rhapsody" and "Plays for Sure" then it's R.


There is a working bootloader that can load and run Rockbox or the original firmware. To go into the original firmware, turn on your Sansa while holding down the left button ( |<< ).


There are currently simulators for all Rockbox compatible devices. A simulator can be useful for seeing what Rockbox looks and feels like before installing as well as testing out your homemade themes before putting them on your player. The e200 simulator is here.


There is a working emulator for the e200 posted on Flyspray. It currently boots Rockbox and decodes MP3, as well as the retail bootloader, however it does not yet load the retail firmware because it supports only one CPU core. See here.

Hardware Details

i2c ROM

There's a ROM accessible via i2c on the target that we casually call the i2c ROM. It seems to contain the pre-boot loader that loads the BL.rom bootloader from the secret partition off the NAND flash and starts it.

  • Read the partition table (block 0) from the NAND
  • Check that partition #2 is of the 'OS/2 Hidden' type (0x84)
  • Read the first block of partition #2 from the NAND
  • Check that it starts with 'PPBL'
  • Read the BL from the NAND starting from the second block of partition #2.


If your Sansa is totally unresponsive please see the SansaE200Unbrick page. Read the FAQ troubleshooting section first!

Other Pages Of Interest

  • SansaRuntime - Modeled after the successful IpodRuntime page, this is a collection of reported runtime tests.
  • SansaAccessories - Page describing Sansa accessories and how they interact with Rockbox.
  • UsefulSansae200Tools - Some programs that may come in handy for Rockbox and/or general Sansa troubleshooting.
  • SansaCharging - This page describes the results of experiments on getting charging to work properly on Sansa players.
  • SansaRepair - Solder your broken Sansa E200 headphone jack

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