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The Rockbox Sansa e200R/Rhapsody Port

Rockbox doesn't function on the v2 models. They can be spotted by the line "Supports Audible audio file formats" on the packaging, or "v2" on the back of the player itself.


There are special instructions for the installation procedure on the R versions of the e200 series here.

Here follows a summary of the facts and knowledge we have gathered so far about the R models and how they differ from the vanilla e200 models:


  • The R model bootloader loads the mi4 and actually verifies that the 160 bit digital signature is fine before proceeding. Thus upgrading to a custom firmware is next to impossible without replacing the bootloader.
  • The bootloader itself does not allow the bootloader to be replaced (using recovery mode).
  • The bootloader is stored in the same place as in the vanilla e200 model, and is the same size.


  • The mi4 image is somewhat differently encoded and encrypted than the vanilla e200 mi4, but we have figured that out already. Users have managed to run the R model firmware on a vanilla e200 (given some manual adjusting).


  • We managed to extract the bootloader code/image from the R models using e200tool in manufacture mode, simply due to the fact that it has a copy of the bootloader in RAM at the time, at the same place in memory as the vanilla models have.
  • We can load custom code to the player with e200tool and run it, so we could extract further info and do testing that way.

r16 - 09 Jan 2008 - 19:00:10 - MarcGuay

Copyright by the contributing authors.