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How To Install Rockbox on the Sansa e200R Rhapsody

Before installing you should verify that you have a Rhapsody model - this is only the case if the USB options on your player are "Rhapsody" and "Plays for Sure".


Installing Rockbox on a e200R Rhapsody models requires two distinct steps:

  1. Modifying the existing Sansa bootloader to disable the extra security features present only in the R series players
  2. Installing the Rockbox bootloader and Rockbox itself

Note that 64 bit Windows will not load unsigned USB drivers by default. You must either use 32 bit Windows, or boot with unsigned drivers enabled

Step 1 - Original Sansa bootloader patching

Windows patcher

  1. Download e200rpatcher.exe
  2. Download and extract it somewhere on your computer
  3. Attach your e200R to your computer in manufacturer mode (Make sure the player is off, turn on the hold switch, hold select and plug in USB while continuing to hold select for about 10s)
  4. When Windows asks for the driver, point it to the folder you extracted the driver zip file to
  5. If Windows does not ask for a driver, it means that it has installed one automatically and you must follow these steps before continuing: (For Windows XP, other versions may vary slightly)
    1. Right-click on My Computer, select Properties, go to the Hardware tab, and enter Device Manager.
    2. Under Universal Serial Bus controllers, right-click USB Mass Storage Device (or something similar) and select Update Driver.
    3. Select "No, not this time", then "Install from a list or specific location", and then "Search for the best driver in these locations" and click the "Include this location in the search" box. Now use the Browse button select the location of the drivers and click OK.
  6. Run the e200rpatcher.exe file and follow the prompts. Your Sansa should have some text on the screen. If the last line says "(something) aborted" then head to the forums and look for threads relating to your problem.
  7. If it says "Firmware Unlocked, Proceed to Step 2" then it was successful and you can continue.

Linux patcher

  1. You can either use the precompiled linux binary or you need to compile it yourself. If using a the precompiled linux binary, download e200rpatcher.linux32 or e200rpatcher.linux64 depending on whether you run 32 or 64-bit Linux. Otherwise, set up a development environment and download the Rockbox source via the directions here. Then, download bootloader.bin and copy that into rbutil/e200rpatcher/ and run make (requires libusb-dev installed)
  2. sudo ./e200rpatcher.linux32 or ./e200rpatcher.linux64 and follow the prompts
  3. If it says "Firmware Unlocked, Proceed to Step 2" then it was successful and you can continue.

Mac OS X patcher

  1. Download e200rpatcher.dmg;
  2. Open e200rpatcher.dmg and then double-click on the e200rpatcher.mac icon inside and follow the instructions; You may need to repeat the instructions several times in order for your Mac to detect your Sansa.
  3. If it says "Firmware Unlocked, Proceed to Step 2" then it was successful and you can continue.

Step 2 - Perform the Rockbox installation

When you have successfully completed Step 1 (and only after you have successfully completed Step 1), you can then go on to install Rockbox. Instructions vary depending on the operating system you are using:

Upgrading The Rockbox Bootloader

When a new Rockbox bootloader has been released, you can upgrade using the instructions located here:


If you attempt to perform Step 2 without successfully completing Step 1, you will end up with a Sansa that refuses to work. If this, or any other problem happens, please see the recovery instructions described at SansaE200Unbrick.

If you are not confident in being able to perform all of the various recovery methods described at that page you should consider waiting until a more streamlined installation method for the e200R is developed - consider yourself warned!

Rhapsody Functions

You will not lose Rhapsody function because installation has nothing to do with Rhapsody DRM eg. channels and subscription music.

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