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Wiki > Main > SanDisk > SansaE200Port > SansaE200R > SansaE200RInstallation > SansaE200RInstallationFromWindows (r10)

Sansa e200R/Rhapsody Installation From Windows


In order to install Rockbox you MUST have patched the Sandisk bootloader on your device as described in SansaE200RInstallation.

Rockbox Installation from Windows

  1. Make a folder named sansa on your desktop
  2. Download the following file and place it inside the new sansa directory:
  3. Unzip this file to receive pp5022.mi4
  4. Rename the resulting file to OF.mi4 (Oh, not Zero - as in Original Firmware)
  5. Right-click to download the following file and place it inside the sansa folder: pp5022.mi4
  6. Boot up your device and connect the USB cable (make sure you have set the USB Mode to MSC/Rhapsody)
  7. Copy pp5022.mi4 to the root of your device
  8. Copy OF.mi4 to the system folder within your device (make sure you have set Windows to "Show hidden files" and don't "Hide protected operating system files")
  9. Download a recent Sansa e200 build of Rockbox from here and unzip it to the root of your device
  10. "Safely remove" your Sansa, disconnect the USB cable and wait for it to reboot. It should refresh the database, then upgrade the firmware. After another reboot, you should be in Rockbox!
  11. Delete the sansa folder from your desktop
r10 - 11 Oct 2009 - 04:54:01 - MichaelChicoine

Copyright by the contributing authors.