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SanDisk Sansa e200 v2

Current Status

Rockbox on the e200 v2 is considered Stable and most features work as expected.

For details see SansaAMS

Identification of version

Look under Settings->Info - if Version begins with 03, the unit is a v2. All other indicators, such as markings on the casing or packaging, are unreliable due to SanDisk's practice of using the same values on different models.

Other versions


Sansa v2 firmware file

The SansaAMSFirmware page explains the firmware file details needed for porting of Rockbox to Sansa v2 models.

you can find the firmware here:

A growing collection of extracted firmware files can be found at Daniel's Sansa Series v2 Firmwares

See also this page for some Sansa e200 v2 information.

Forum Thread

SanDisk Sansa e200 v2, c200 v2, m200 (v2), clip and Fuze


Disassembled E200v2 photos can be found at

They are equipped with AMS 3525 SoCs. AS3525 datasheet See also:

LCD display: Vista Point Technologies 9051DPLWCP018-01

LCD controller: I Love Innovation ILI9222 (datasheet for the ILI9221 which seems to be very similar)

FM chip with numbers "0216 b4d2 741" on it (possibly a Silicon Labs Si4702.)

Device-dependent hardware mappings (buttons and stuff): SansaAMSHardwareMappings

Diagnosis mode says it has 8MB SDRAM, (BUS = 16bits)


There is an 8-pin JTAG port (see here) with the following pin layout:
1: VDD    +
2: TCK    JTAG Clock
3: TDI    JTAG data in
4: TMS    JTAG test mode select
5: nTRST  JTAG test reset, active low
6: TDO    JTAG test data out
7: nSRST  System reset, active low
8: GND    -

USB Mode

As of Firmware version 03.01.14A, you can go to Settings/USB Mode and select between three options: "Auto Detect", "MTP" (Media Transport Protocol), and "MSC" (USB Media Storage Class Device aka USB Drive).

On Ubuntu and Windows 98SE, as well as any other OS that does not support MTP, both before the firmware update and afterwards using "Auto Detect", the Sansa appears automatically as a USB Drive. On 98SE some generic MSC drivers are needed. YMMV.

If you don't have that firmware, there is a way to change into MSC mode:

1. Power on your Sansa e200v2 2. Switch ON the hold button 3. Press the |<< button and plug in your USB cable 4. Keep it pressed until the Sansa is completely recognized by your OS

This should work on Windows XP and Windows Vista.

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