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SanDisk Sansa Fuze

Current Status

Rockbox is stable on the Fuze v1 and v2.

For details and bootloader installation see SansaAMS


The SansaAMSFirmware page explains the firmware file details needed for porting of Rockbox to Sansa v2 models.

A growing collection of extracted firmware files can be found at Daniel's Sansa Series v2 Firmwares

Forum Thread

SanDisk Sansa e200 v2, c200 v2, m200 (v2), clip and Fuze


Pictures of the Fuze-Player

Pictures of the inside of the Fuze can be found here:

How to find out if you have a Fuze V1 or V2

In the default Sansa firmware:
  • Go to the main menu
  • Select System Settings
  • Select Info

If your firmware version is 1.XX.XX then you have a Fuze V1. If your firmware version is 2.XX.XX then you have a Fuze V2.

Keep in mind that V1 and V2 are firware incompatible as the hardware has changed.

Components (Fuze V1)

The following components can be distinguished:
  • Sandisk 20-99-00112-2, an SoC based on the AMS AS3525 (datasheet)
  • Si4702 FM chip, markings 0219 C430 741
  • Lithium battery, looks similar to the one in the Clip (which is most likely from ATL). Markings + 3.7V- / 354239 / A76804 / 207481.
  • ESMT M12L64164A-7T memory chip, connected to a Primecell PL172 memory controller in the SoC
  • Sandisk S80118642 SDTNLLBHSM-4096 CP0098614, flash chip. Some pins on the package seem to be marked on the silkscreen layer, similar to the Clip.
  • Display, backside is marked with 54_53_04625 / T1A_ 080409 (or TiA_ 080409) while the latter six digits are likely to be a date (mine had Ti_A 080718)

Fuze v2

Sansafix at the Sansa forums has announced that a v2 of the Fuze has been released. There are no noticeable EXTERNAL differences, but there is a different firmware version that is incompatible with V1 Fuze firmwares.

Please note that all ram on the V2 fuze is inside the CPU package so its total ram cannot be upgraded. Also note that the board layout of the Fuze V2 is very different from that of the Fuze V1, although many parts (LCD, controls, headphone jack, power switch, etc) can be swapped between the two models in case yours is in need of repair.

The v2 devices are in the wild. Attached are photos of the upper side of the board and the underside. Components:
  • Sandisk 20-82-00196-4 / S837 -792009 / SA0342-8, an SoC based on the as3525
  • Si4702 FM chip, markings 0219 / CCW8 / 834, indicating an Si4702 with firmware version 19
  • Sandisk S84518794 / SDTNLLCHSM-8192 / DP0031075AR flash chip, some pins are marked on the silkscreen layer
  • 24MHz crystal
  • cylindrical crystal, possibly 32768 Hz (for RTC or FM radio)

I Attachment Action Size Date Who Comment
fuzev2_bottom.JPGJPG fuzev2_bottom.JPG manage 2100.0 K 11 May 2009 - 20:09 JoshDrizin underside of the fuzev2 board
fuzev2_top.JPGJPG fuzev2_top.JPG manage 1854.3 K 11 May 2009 - 20:13 JoshDrizin upper side of the fuzev2 board
r35 - 02 Apr 2021 - 20:46:07 - UnknownUser

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