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Warning !! There have been several reports of malfunctioning devices and it is unclear if it is related to Rockbox or not since similar problems happen with the original firmware. Remember that you use Rockbox at your own risk!

Port Status

feature status comments
LCD 100% Both kinds of LCD are fully working.
Keys 90% Physical keys are handled (see (1)). Touch pad RMI driver has been implemented, some basic gesture analysis has been written but needs to be enhanced.
Music playback 100% Everything works
FM Radio 100% Everything works.
Recording 90% Everything works, need more testing to be declared stable.
Power Management 100% Everything works.
MMC 100% MMC works, I can switch the internal flash to 8-bit @48 MHz
SD 100% SD works.
USB 100% Everything works.
Manual 100% Manual should be 100% complete. Contact JeanLouisBiasini (jlbiasini) if you still notice some missing part.
Rockbox Utility 100% Rockbox Utility now fully handles Fuze+.

  • (1) The volume down key is wired to a GPIO but volume up and power button are wired to the PSWITCH pin for power up/down/recovery. The detection is made by the chip and is voltage based which means that one can detect when either one of those is down but it's impossible to distinguish between when volume up is down and when both are down. Is there another way to handle this ?

Bootloader features

The bootloader comes with a number of features which allow to recover from potential problematic situations.

Booting to the OF

The bootloader can either boot rockbox or the OF. By default it will boot rockbox. The bootloader will boot the OF if volume down is hold while powering up. This works independently from the power source. For example, the following actions will boot the OF:
  • hold volume - then press power for a few seconds
  • hold volume - then plug the usb cable (plugged into wall outlet or computer)

Note that booting to the OF might be necessary to complete a bootloader update if done with rockbox USB by putting to the root of the filesystem.

Booting the OF in MTP USB mode.

Using MTP mode in the OF with Rockbox installed is a bit tricky. Assuming the OF is set to use MTP mode (Settings > USB Mode > MTP), If the device is powered off, one can hold the Volume Down button, plug in the USB cord, and keep the Volume Down button pressed for about 3 1/2 seconds. If the Volume Down button is pressed for too long, the OF will boot in MSC mode, in which it emulates a USB flash drive. On the other hand, if the Volume Down button isn't held down for long enough, the OF won't boot at all, (instead, Rockbox will).

If the player is already powered on, unplugged, and using the OF, one can plug the device into the computer. The OF will freeze for about 1 second, and shutdown (the screen will go blank). Once the freeze starts, press and hold the Volume Down button as stated above, but only for about 2.5 seconds.

If the player is powered on while running Rockbox, you will need to shutdown the player, and follow the instructions described above.

Install Instructions

See ImxInstall.

Recovery procedure

If for any reason your device doesn't work anymore (doesn't boot, stuck in the bootloader and even the OF doesn't work or if a firmware upgrade failed). You might need to recover your device. You should not attempt this without an advice from someone knowledgeable. The point of the recovery procedure is too reinstall the OF and will remove any trace of the rockbox bootloader.

You need to build a recovery image, see ImxInstall#BuildRecovery. Then put your device in recovery mode: power it off, hold volume up and plug the usb cable then release volume up after a few seconds. The screen should stay black and the device will report as a HID device.

Finally send it to your device using sbloader(replace blabla by the path to utils/imxtools)(you will probably need run it as root).


If the transfer fails at the init step, you might suffer from a well-known kernel problem. See SansaFuzePlus for troubleshooting. The screen should display a few lines and the device you report as a mass storage but you OS will not be able to mount it. It should have 4 partitions. Assuming that it was detected as /dev/sdb, send the OF file to the second partition this way:

dd bs=512 seek=4 of=/dev/sdb2

When done, unplug your device and you are done.

Other recovery

See STMP37xxRecovery

Battery Benchmark


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