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Sansa M200 Port


There are 4 known hardware revisions of the Sansa m200 series, which makes discussing this player very confusing. If your player is functioning properly with the Sansa firmware, the revision can be determined by checking the firmware version. The first 3 all share the TCC770 SoC while the v4 has uses an entirely different chipset, see SansaM200V4Port for more info on them. This page will reference the v1, v2, and v3 models only. The main difference between these types is the way they deal with the flash memory. Some info culled from here.

  • v1: Direct NAND (SSFDC HW)
  • v2: Direct NAND (Thunder HW)
  • v3: SD Controller -> NAND (HARP)

Current Status

As of revision 3ba2f6e5c7, the code for this port has been removed from the main Git branch. Consider this a dead port. This page will remain only for historic purposes.


It seems to be plain and unencrypted. The header includes data (like Ver:0071 ) that is also found in other Telechips firmwares. See TelechipsInfo for more.

v1 Firmware
v2 Firmware
v3 Firmware

If you get the binary upgrade executable from SanDisk and run it under windows, it'll store the SANSM200.rom file in C:\Windows\temp even though it fails to install it.

Chips v?

  • Telechips TCC770
  • TI TLV320AIC23B Stereo codec and headphone amp (not sure why this is needed, as the telechips supposedly has the codec built in? Maybe just for the headphone amp)
  • ESMT M12S16161A 1M X 16 DRAM
  • Flash is Samsung... I didn't bother with the chip IDs
  • Philips TEA5767 FM radio - comment by MarianneArnold: this chip is used in a few other rockbox targets as well (Iriver H1x0s, Iriver H3x0s, newer Archos Ondios; present in the Iriver H10s as well.)
  • 59TI AIP?
  • AZ-76 VOB

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