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SanDisk Sansa View Firmware Partition


The SanDisk Sansa View series has a 42MB hidden firmware partition, of type 0x84 (OS 2 Hidden C: Drive). It holds both the bootloader, main firmware, mediaprocessor firmware, bitmaps and fonts. The layout of this partition is very similar to the SansaE200FirmwarePartition. See that page for more information.


Addresses are relative to the start of the partition. The partition is divided up into 5 blocks.
Address Description
0x0 Bootloader header - PPBL followed by the bootloader length, followed by 0x10000
0x200 contents of bootLoader.rom
0x80000 Main firmware header - CPUI followed by firmware length, followed by 0x60000
0x80200 decrypted contents of firmware.mi4
0x780000 Media Processor firmware header - COPI followed by firmware length, followed by 0x70000
0x780200 decrypted contents of mediaproc.mi4
0xd000000 Bitmap data - PPBM followed by data length, followed by 0x0 then 0x4
0xd000200 contents of bitmap.dat
0xd000000 Font data - PPFN followed by data length, followed by 0x90000
0xd000200 contents of Font.fnt

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