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Shachar Liberman

The only reason why I've edited this page is because I've found out that this is the first page you get if you type my name in Google!


and If I was just a bit paranoid I probably wouldn't have told you that I'm 22 years old, living in Israel, a veteran soldier from the IDF...

Loves to Kiteboard, Programing RockBox, umm, what else? I guess this is well more then too much.

Well, since this is my own personal page, And I could always type 'Shachar Liberman' in Firefox's address bar from a friend's house, (that's so neat!) then, umm, I'll guss I'll switch to hebrew.

אהלן חבר'ה. מה המצב? איפ יו דידנט אונדרסטנד דה אינגליש פרט, איי וויל טרנסלייט איט טו היברו אין אנוזר דיי.

באמת, אין לי מה להגיד עוד!

בעצם מההתחלה לא היה לי כלום.

יום נעים.
r2 - 06 Aug 2006 - 22:51:19 - ShacharLiberman

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