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Breaks between 3.6 and r26727

%bl or %bl|filename( or -)|x|y|width|height|       \
%pb or %pb|filename( or -)|x|y|width|height|       ->  %<tag> or %<tag>(x,y,width,height,filename)
%pv or %pv|filename( or -)|x|y|width|height|       /

%d<number> -> %d(<number>)
%D<number> -> %D(<number>)

%t<decimal> -> %t(<decimal>)
%mv<optional decimal> -> %mv or %mv(<decimal>)
%pS<optional decimal> -> %pS or %pS(<decimal>)
%pE<optional decimal> -> %pE or %pE(<decimal>)
%Tl<optional decimal> -> %Tl or %Tl(<decimal>)

%xl|n|filename.bmp|x|y|[optional number|]   -> %xl(n,filename.bmp,x,y[,optional number])
%x|n|filename.bmp|x|y|                      -> %x(n,filename.bmp,x,y)
%xd<one or two letters)                     -> %xd(letters)
%X|filename.bmp|                            -> %X(filename.bmp)

%Fl|number|filename|   -> %Fl(number,filename[,optional glyphs])

%Cl|x|y|[[l|c|r]mwidth]|[[t|c|b]mheight]|  -> %Cl(x,y,mwidth,mheight, [l|c|r], [t|c|b])
%C -> use in conditional only
%Cd -> display AA

%V|x|y|w|h|font|fgcolour|bgcolour|              -> %V(x,y,w,h,font) %Vf(fgcolour) %Vb(bgcolour)
%Vl|label|x|y|w|h|font|fgcolour|bgcolour|       -> %Vl(label,x,y,w,h,font) %Vf(fgcolour) %Vb(bgcolour)
%Vi|[label|]x|y|w|h|font|fgcolour|bgcolour|     -> %Vi(label,x,y,w,h,font) %Vf(fgcolour) %Vb(bgcolour)
%Vd<letter> -> %Vd(<letter>)
%VI<letter> -> %VI(<letter>)
%Vp|number|tags with %|more tags| -> %Vp(number,tags,tags)

%St|word| -> %St(word)
%Sx|word| -> %Sx(word)

%T|x|y|width|height|action|   -> %T(x,y,width,height,action)

( and ) need to be escaped now if they are in text. so %( and %)

The following characters also need to be escaped with the % if they are to be used on text: % , ; # < | >

-- JonathanGordon - 2010-05-11

Skinupdater Utility

There is a utility to convert from the old syntax (3.6 and previous) to the new syntax (r26727 and newer - including 3.7). The utility can be compiled for linux by switching to the utils/skinupdater directory in your svn checkout and running make.

A compiled Windows version (with source) of the skinupdater is available here:

Usage: skinupdater [OPTIONS] infile [outfile]

        -c  Don't use new viewport colour tags (non-mono displays only)
        -m  Skin is for a mono display (different viewport tags)

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