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Wiki > Main > SkinWishlist (r2)
Quick list of things which would be nice to add to the current theme/skinning options. Most should be pretty simple to do smile

  • Use a bmp for part/all of the line selector in the lists
  • specify the fill direction for drawn bars in the WPS (left/right)
  • vertical bars in WPS
  • "Movable" UI viewport in the SBS
  • Split the peak meter into distinct parts so they can be drawn with more flexibility (i.e left/right channels)
-- JonathanGordon - 2010-04-18

  • "Next AA": ability to show the upcoming tracks album art
  • .bmp line selector
  • "magic" colour (transparency) in solid/gradient line selector
    • *should make for some interesting effects
-- HaydenPearce - 2010-05-05
r2 - 05 May 2010 - 14:54:09 - HaydenPearce

Copyright by the contributing authors.