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DEPRECIATED - all agreed upon changes made to ThemeGuidelines

About Soap's Seal of Approval:

Soap's seal of Approval is a proposed modification to the current theme guidelines. to make sure that WPS's on the rockbox wiki sites conform to a set of strictly defined standards, and to identify the WPS's that do not conform.

Requirements for all themes:

  • must be contained in a .zip archive

  • all files (.zip and accompanying images) must be attached to the wiki page

  • must have author's real name and contact info attached? (a text file in the .zip?)

  • must not contain broken code (i.e. proper RTC code etc.)

  • must include all required fonts, images, iconsets etc.

  • must include a license for the theme and graphics (GPL ? )

  • must have proper directory structure

  • must not include junk files
    • examples: thumbs.db , desktop.ini, .DS_Store, .directory etc.

  • must use proper filenaming
    • a. the files themselves
              DockpodRemix.wps and
              DockpodRemix.cfg and 
    • b. inside the .cfg ex: If your backdrop is Mybackdrop.bmp the .cfg should read:
            backdrop: /.rockbox/backdrops/Mybackdrop.bmp
and NOT
            backdrop: /.rockbox/backdrops/mybackdrop.bmp
  • must set appropriate background and foreground colors
    This means that the text would still be readable if somehow the backdrop was not loaded
    ex. black background color for a white foreground (text)

  • must set a backdrop
    if there is no backdrop specified it must be NULL in order to clear the backdrop ex:
         backdrop: NULL

  • The following three points should be included in the .cfg and .wps as comments and be included in the description on the wiki
    • must contain info on the author or version and date uploaded in the .wps and in the .cfg
    • must quote sources of graphics in some way, original, GPL'd, copyrighted or otherwise
    • must specify which type of Rockbox the WPS is for i.e.: current, patched, or custom build

Requirements of WPS's requiring patches:

  • must state which patches are required with appropriate FS#'s or URL's

Examples of accepted format for info inside the .cfg and .wps

Standard build:
       #Theme Name: Killers 
       #By: (MrCoolNick on IRC)
       #Platform: iPod Video (320x240x16) - Standard build
       #Version: 0.1 beta
       #Licenced CC-BY-SA 3.0
       #Graphics taken from
       #Last updated: Wed, 16th May 2007 17:22 CEST

Patched / Unsupported Build:
       #Theme Name: Applebox
       #By: Steven Dean, modifications by Larry
       #Platform: iPod Video (320x240x16) - Unsupported
       #Patches Required: Album Art, Scrolling Margins
       #Version: 1.0
       #Licenced: CC-BY-SA 3.0
       #Graphics taken from: apple itunes
       #Last updated: Wed, 19th May 2007


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-- GaryLight - 01 May 2007

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