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Sony NW-A1000/1200/3000 Port Index


This series of DAPs shares the same microprocessor as the iAudio X5/M5 series players. The firmware appears to be encrypted as there are no visible strings after the initial "NWA3000" and IDA-Pro doesn't seem to know what to do with it.

Port Status

There is no code written for this device. Things that need to be done are: find a way to recover from a bad flash and understanding the firmware files. Perhaps someone with a A1000/1200 could try booting with the drive removed to see what happens (the A3000 requires de-soldering 4 pins just to get at the HDD). I found a report that said holding the volume-up button while connecting to a PC would execute a recovery mode but haven't been able to confirm this.

USB Modes

When the unit is plugged in from the Off state, the bootloader skips the "Walkman" logo and tries to make a USB connection. It could be that this is a USB boot mode that could be used to recover from a bad firmware flash.

Firmware Update

Sony NW-A1000 Firmware v2.01
Sony NW-A1000 Firmware v3.00
Sony NW-A1200 Firmware v2.01
Sony NW-A1200 Firmware v3.00
Sony NW-A3000 Firmware v2.01
Sony NW-A3000 Firmware v3.00

Firmware updates are performed by placing a NW_AX000.bin file in the root directory and restarting the player. For the v3 update, an extra file called NW_A3000.UPG is placed in the root as well. You can extract the files from the installer executables with common archive programs (7zip, WinRAR, etc).

Firmware Format

Address Size in bytes A1000v2 A1000v3 A1000v3UPG A1200v2 A1200v3 A1200v3UPG A3000v2 A3000v3 A3000v3UPG Description
0x0 8 NWA1000_ NWA1200_ NWA3000_ Model Name
0x8 4 002B87A0 00295810 002E02E0 002B87A0 002957C0 002E0290 002B87A0 00295930 002E03F0 Total file size minus 4 Bytes
0xC 29 09080B0A1D152A77585981295B5ECA305E6393372F29C86B646DE54567 ?
0x29 3 6AAE4C 677E3C 67E70C 6AAE4C 677E6C 6AE6BC 6AAE4C 677FDC 6AE41C File size related?
0x2C 1 6A ?
0x2D 1 77 7F 7F 77 7F 7F 77 7F 7F Version related?
0x2E 7 B7532B29990F70 ?
0x35 3 998961 97D911 994021 998961 97D941 994191 998961 97D8F1 994331 File size related?
0x38 5 7389954876 ?
0x3D 1 8B BB BB 8B BB BB 8B BB BB Version related?
0x3E 7 DB6FEA8265147C ?
0x45 3 B26A5D B0BAED B23D1D B26A5D B0BA3D B23D6D B26A5D B0B5CD B23C0D File size related?
0x48 1 7F ?
0x49 2 9EF6 9EF6 9CC4 9EF6 9EF6 9CC4 9EF6 9EF6 9CC4 Upgrade file related?
0x4B 2 8482 ?
0x4D 1 9F B7 B7 9F B7 B7 9F B7 B7 Version related?
0x4E 53 FF8B85A5089288AA11998BAF1AA08EB423A791B92CAE94BE35B597C33EBC9AC847C39DCD50CAA0D259D1A3D762D8A6DC6BDFB9E08B ?
0x83 1 16 06 06 16 06 06 16 06 06 Version related?
0x84 13 ACE67DE5E917A1F49C8C9FFA4A ?
0x91 1 05 15 15 05 15 15 05 15 15 Version related?
Last 4 bytes 4 2894D2CA EEABE86D 39442C0A 4D85A12D FE4A0643 C50F2AC3 BB0C205F 4A65D396 883397E4 ?

Test Mode

There is a production test mode built into the firmware (bootloader?) whose usefulness at this point is unclear. It can be accessed through the following method:

  1. Turn the power on.
  2. Long-press the Hold button to set the hold on.
  3. While holding the Link button, press the buttons in the following order: Up → Down → Option → Up → Down → Right → Left → Right → Left → Left → Play/Pause → Option
  4. Long-press the Hold button to set the hold off to enter test mode.

To exit, hold the Back button for until the unit shuts off.


NW-A1000 service manual
NW-A3000 service manual

Both of these require registration. They contain tons of details regarding the components.


Item A3000 A1000/1200 Docs
Microprocessor SCF5250 ColdFire
DAC BB TI 1772 5BM 188
Amp AN17020A-VB
32Mbit Flash PL032J60BFI12
SDRAM K4M281633H-BG75 EDS1216AABH-75-E/KM
RTC R2061K01-E2 Datasheet
Power Control Sony 55Y03 4802  
Regulator XC6219B302DR XC6219B282DR  
Acceleration sensor HAAM-313B
TI Dual Analog Switch SN74LVC2G66DCUR x 2  
TI (De)Multiplexer TS5A3357DCUR
CMOS Schmitt Inverter TC7SH14FU (T5RSOYJF) x 2
Complex Programmable Logic Device LC4128ZC-75MN132C-U5 LC4128ZC-75MN132C  
Boost Converter TPS61045DRBR  
Boost Conveter TPS61041DBVR  
? S1R72003BOOA100  
? CXR710160-215GH  
Drive MK2008GAL HDD Unknown Microdrive  

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