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Sony NW(Z) Linux-based Port Status

DISCLAIMER: this port is experimental, some things are not working.


This is the page for the Sony NW(Z) Linux based devices. For other Sony NW(Z) devices, see SonyNW.

Port status

Series Comment

Known problems

Problem Affected target
Audio stutters when backlight is off SonyNWZE350 SonyNWZE450 SonyNWZE460 SonyNWZS750 SonyNWZA860
Resolved: Radio is not working works since Nov 13, 2017
Device crashes on SD card insertion/removal SonyNWZA10 SonyNWA20
Noise cancelling (NC) is not working SonyNWZE580 SonyNWA20
Database refresh on USB connect all
Audio volume change produces artifacts all
My favorite Sony bullshit audio feature is not supported all
Audio balance is not working all
Bluetooth is not working SonyNWZA10 SonyNWA20
Bootloader is not touchscreen aware SonyNWZA860

Installation instructions


Download a prebuilt install from dev builds and unzip it at the root of your device. It should create a .rockbox directory. If you prefer to build from source, see HowToCompile.

Note that you need to install the bootloader at least once.


You need to install the bootloader to be able to run rockbox. There is no need to reinstall the bootloader when you update rockbox (unless you specifically want to update the bootloader).

Player Install firmware Uninstall firmware Build date Commit/Tag
SonyNWZE350 NW_WM_FW-nwze350-v1.UPG NW_WM_FW-nwze350-v1-uninst.UPG 17/09/2017 bootloader_nwze350_v1
SonyNWZE450 NW_WM_FW-nwze450-v1.UPG NW_WM_FW-nwze450-v1-uninst.UPG 17/09/2017 bootloader_nwze450_v1
SonyNWZE460 NW_WM_FW-nwze460-v1.UPG NW_WM_FW-nwze460-v1-uninst.UPG 17/09/2017 bootloader_nwze460_v1
SonyNWZE470 NW_WM_FW-nwze470-v1.UPG NW_WM_FW-nwze470-v1-uninst.UPG 17/09/2017 bootloader_nwze470_v1
SonyNWZE580 NW_WM_FW-nwze580-v1.UPG NW_WM_FW-nwze580-v1-uninst.UPG 17/09/2017 bootloader_nwze580_v1
SonyNWZA10 NW_WM_FW-nwza10-v1.UPG NW_WM_FW-nwza10-v1-uninst.UPG 17/09/2017 bootloader_nwza10_v1
SonyNWA20 NW_WM_FW-nwa20-v1.UPG NW_WM_FW-nwa20-v1-uninst.UPG 17/09/2017 bootloader_nwa20_v1
SonyNWZA860 NW_WM_FW-nwza860-v1.UPG NW_WM_FW-nwza860-v1-uninst.UPG 17/09/2017 bootloader_nwza860_v1
SonyNWZS750 NW_WM_FW-nwzs750-v1.UPG NW_WM_FW-nwzs750-v1-uninst.UPG 17/09/2017 bootloader_nwzs750_v1

To build the bootloader from source:
  • proceed as in HowToCompile but select (B)ootloader instead of (N)ormal in configure, stop after step 5 (Building)
  • you should now have a file where XYZ is the target codename (nwze580 for example)
  • you still need to create a firmware if you want to install it on your device

To build the firmware from the bootloader:
  • build the bootloader from source or download a prebuilt bootloader
  • compile mknwzboot: make -C ../rbutil/mknwzboot
  • create install firmware: ../rbutil/mknwzboot/mknwzboot -o NW_WM_FW.UPG -b
  • create uninstall firmware: ../rbutil/mknwzboot/mknwzboot -u -m XYZ -o NW_WM_FW.UPG


Follow the Windows instruction but replace the drive letter (H:) by the path to the mass storage device (/dev/sdX), and run the tool as root or using sudo. You do not need the .bat file obviously, use whatever terminal emulator your linux distribution provides.


  • Get or build the install firmware for your target (for example NW_WM_FW-nwza10-v1.UPG for the NWZ-A10)
  • Plug your device
  • Check your device letter in "My Computer"/"This PC". For example: WALKMAN (H:)
    If you don't see any letter, that probably means your device is set in MTP mode instead of MSC mode. In this case, open the Device Manager, under 'Portable Devices' you should see WALKMAN. Right-click on it, select "Update Driver Software.." then "Browse my computer for driver software" then "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer". Choose "USB Mass Storage Device" and click on "Next".
  • Rename the bootloader file to NW_WM_FW.UPG
  • Copy the bootloader file to the root of your device
  • Safely umount/eject your device
  • Unplug and plug your device
  • Get scsitool from Sony NW Destination Tools
  • You need to open a command prompt in the directory where you downloaded the file.
    The easiest way to do it is to download this .bat file, put it in the same directory as scsitool and double-click on it (the .bat file).
  • Type the following command, replacing X by the version number of scsitool and H by your drive letter:
         scsitool-nwz-vX.exe H: do_fw_upgrade


To uninstall the bootloader, proceed the same way as for the installation but copy the uninstall firmware instead.

Using the dualboot Rockbox/OF bootloader

General presentation

There are 3 applications managed by the bootloader:
  • Rockbox (selected by default)
  • Sony = OF (Original Firmware).
  • Tools:
    • Service menu = Sony "Test mode" which you can also reach with a key combo usually described in the service manual
    • Run script: you won't actually need it unless asked by a developer for some testing
    • Restart
    • Shutdown: turn the device fully off

You can select the application you want with the < and > arrow keys and then press the play/pause to confirm.
Alternatively you can wait for the 10 seconds timeout. The selected application will then start.
Every key press will reset the 10 seconds timeout.

How to power off from Rockbox?

Press and hold the PWR OFF button for 2 seconds. You get back to the bootloader screen.
Now you have 2 choices:
  • Slide the hold switch up to lock the player: "ON HOLD!" is displayed and the device goes to a Standby mode after a 5 seconds timeout. The application is "suspended". This mode (also used by the OF) allows a fast wake up and does only affect slightly the battery life.
    To restart the device, just slide the hold switch down to unlock the player.
  • Select "Tools" then "Shutdown". The device turns then fully off.

How to go back to the bootloader screen or Rockbox after using the OF?

The OF is always going to the Standby mode when pressing the PWR OFF button. As a result, when turning it back on, it is immediately back to the OF, skipping the bootloader screen.
There are 3 possibilities:
  • Wait for a few hours until the device automatically turns fully off
  • Press the reset hole
  • Plug/unplug it to/from a computer

How to enable USB mode when in Rockbox?

If you plug the USB cable while in Rockbox, it will charge but not show up as a storage device. To enable the mass storage mode, you need to go back to the bootloader:
  • Press and hold the PWR OFF button for 2 seconds.
  • Wait for one second, the USB screen will show up

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