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This page documents ioctl used to control tuner in Sony's NW(Z) series of players.

The source of information is: 1) disassembly of icx_si470x_radio_tuner.ko kernel module extracted from NWZ-E474 2) disassembly of radio_test binary extracted from NWZ-E474 3) linux kernel sources published by Sony

There are two classes of IOCTLs implemented by the tuner drive - generic v4l2 compatible (VIDIOC_QUERYCAP, VIDIOC_G_TUNER, VIDIO_S_TUNER, VIDIOC_S_FREQUENCY), custom, private to access lowlevel functions of the tuner chip. The private interface is NOT documented in kernel sources released by Sony.
IOCTL name IOCTL value comment
VIDIOC_PRI_INITREG 0xC02C7629 si470x_initialize()
VIDIOC_PRI_PUT_REG 0xC02C762A write single tuner's register
VIDIOC_PRI_GET_REG 0xC02C762B get single tuner's register
VIDIOC_PRI_GET_REGALL 0xC02C762C returns 0x20 bytes of tuner's registers
VIDIOC_PRI_RESET 0x402C762E toggles GPIO line
VIDIOC_PRI_GPIO2_ON 0x402C762F sets si470x gpio2 line high
VIDIOC_PRI_GPIO2_OFF 0x402C7630 sets si470x gpio2 line low
VIDIOC_PRI_G_TUNER_RAW 0xC02C7631 some additional data

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