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Port Status

driver status comments
LCD 95% LCD is working. Still lacking lcd sleep, and inversion.
Keys 100% Physical keys are handled. Hold is working
Music playback 100% Everything works.
FM Radio   See SigmatelSTFM1000
Power Management 90% Everything works but battery is not calibrated.
Storage 100% Internal storage works
Clock/voltage 100% Everything works.
USB 100% Everything is implemented.
Manual 0% TBD
Rockbox Utility 50% Rockbox Uility can produce a valid firmware image but it cannot extract it from the device.

Daily builds

You can find prebuilt version of Rockbox (development version) here: Unpack it at the root of the device, it should create a .rockbox directory.

Booting Rockbox

To boot rockbox, press play/pause for one second

Booting to the Original Firmware

By default it will boot rockbox. To boot the OF, press back for one second.

Install instructions

See ImxInstall.

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