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This port status applies to both the NWZ-E370 and E380 series.

Port Status

driver status comments
LCD 95% LCD is working. Still lacking lcd sleep, and inversion.
Keys 100% Physical keys are handled.
Music playback 100% Everything works.
FM Radio   See SigmatelSTFM1000
Power Management 90% Everything works but battery is not calibrated.
Storage 100% Internal storage works
Clock/voltage 100% Everything works.
USB 100% Everything is implemented.
Manual 0% TBD
Rockbox Utility 50% Rockbox Uility can produce a valid firmware image but it cannot extract it from the device.

Daily builds

You can find prebuilt version of Rockbox (development version) here: Unpack it at the root of the device, it should create a .rockbox directory.

Booting to Rockbox

Press play/pause for one second to boot Rockbox.

Booting to the Original firmware

By default it will boot rockbox. The bootloader will boot the OF if you hold the back button for at least one second.

Install instructions

See ImxInstall.

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