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Wiki > Main > PluginIndex > SortingPluginsProposal (r13)

Sorting plugins proposal

The rockbox/rocks directory is becoming more and more crowded. This is a proposal to sort plugins in sub directories.


  • Games
    • blackjack
    • bubbles
    • chessbox
    • chopper
    • dice
    • doom
    • flipit
    • invadrox
    • jewels
    • maze
    • mazezam
    • minesweeper
    • pacbox
    • pong
    • reversi
    • rockblox
    • rocklife
    • sliding_puzzle
    • snake2
    • snake
    • sokoban
    • solitaire
    • spacs
    • star
    • sudoku
    • superdom
    • wormlet
    • xobox
    • zxbox

  • Screensavers
    • bounce
    • credits
    • cube
    • demystify
    • fire
    • fireworks
    • logo
    • mandelbrot
    • oscilloscope
    • mosaique
    • plasma
    • snow
    • starfield

  • Tools
    • battery_bench
    • calculator
    • chessclock
    • clock
    • dict
    • disktidy
    • firmware_flash
    • metronome
    • midiplay
    • mp3_encoder
    • mpegplayer
    • properties
    • random_folder_advance_config
    • rockbox_flash
    • rockpaint
    • search
    • sort
    • stats
    • stopwatch
    • test_disk
    • text_editor
    • vbrfix
    • viewer
    • vu_meter
    • wav2wv

  • Viewers (hidden)
    • chip8
    • rockboy
    • jpeg


  • Please give feedback. Maybe there are more categories possible? -- MatthiasWientapper - 14 Feb 2007

  • I like this proposal, I would however like to call the first two categories: "Games" and "Demos".
    And I think the three categories should be in a submenu under "Plugins" not just folders in the browser to allow for translation, these menu items could just open a folder however. Also some of the plugins included here are viewers and should not be included in the list anyway, such as rockboy, jpeg, chip8... In case you missed it there is already a patch for this here FS#5464. -- NilsWallmenius

  • I missed the FS patch, indeed - thanks. The idea to have translations for plugin subdirecory names is nice. From my perspective the user should not care if a certain functionality is realized in form of a "plugin" (which is a quite technical term that describes the way how an API is provided) so I would like to stick to the category names of functions and leave away the term "plugin". Besides of that it would make sense to move the the viewers to a different directory anyway. -- MatthiasWientapper

  • I like this idea, it's about time we get some organization of plugins. Only two thoughts. I second Nils' idea of Demos versus Screensavers (they largely don't work like standard screen savers, they're more like nifty little graphics demos). I also think that "Tools" is a bit too specific a name for that big category, so I propose taking the following out of the Tools menu into a new Applications menu: Calculator, Clock, Metronome, Rockpaint, Stopwatch, Text Editor, Viewer (shouldn't this be a hidden viewer plugin?) and VU meter. None of these are very tool-like. -- ZakkRoberts - 15 Feb 2007

  • I'm all for organising the rocks dir, but it needs to be done in such a way that its completly automatic. Possibly the easiest way is to give each type of rock a different file extension, then all that needs to be done (code wise) is add some more directory filters for the plugin browser, and get the plugin loader to recognise the extra extensions. Then have a file in apps/plugins which renames the plugin.elf file to the correct extension.
    The other option of using explicit folders for each type is almost as easy.... I dont know which option I prefer. -- JonathanGordon - 15 Feb 2007

  • That sounds too complicated to me: it adds additional code to the file browsing functions, and it isn't easily extensible. I'd prefer simply allowing the "browse plugins" entry to browse into subfolder (simple fix, after I found the correct location in the code, it also needs less code than having various file extensions and adding a filter for each of them) and instead of renaming files just sort them into various subfolders when building the zip file. We need some file in apps/plugins (or somewhere else) that decides which category a plugin to put into, so why not do the actual work on the PC? I don't see any need to do this on the target. This also allows unsupported builds / devs to put all added plugins (patches, test plugins etc.) into a new category, like "unsupported plugins". Localizing the folder names could be done in a similar way to the desktop.ini / .desktop files common OSes use. That names could even be added to the lang files (according to a discussion with amiconn on irc) -- DominikRiebeling - 15 Feb 2007

  • I think midiplay should also go under viewers, since technically it works like a viewer anyway. I also think that "Applications" would be a more logical name that "Tools". -- RobertMenes - 06 Aug 2007

  • Maybe "Miscelenious" instead of "Tools". -- EliSherer - 06 Aug 2007

  • Should this page be deprecated now, seeing as this change has been committed (and works a treat, as far as I'm concerned!)? -- EddyComan 09 Aug 2007

  • I think this should also be destroyed, but a new topic should be created for lists concerning the actual sorting and where new plugins can be asigned roles -- MarkSikora - 09 Aug 2007
r13 - 09 Aug 2007 - 14:18:46 - MarkSikora

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