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Rockbox Top-Level Source Tree

  • apps/ : Nearly all device-independent code. This includes codecs, graphics, menus, settings, playlists, directory-traversing code and the database.
    • apps/bitmaps/ : Non-theme/WPS graphics including Rockbox and USB logos.
    • apps/codecs/ : Audio decoding/encoding codecs.
    • apps/eqs/ : Example EQ settings
    • apps/gui/ : GUI (both main LCD and remote) and WPS handling code. Includes widgets such as list and menu.
    • apps/keymaps/: Per-target keymappings using new button action system.
    • apps/lang/ : User interface string translations.
    • apps/menus/ : New menu generation code (transition in progress)
    • apps/player/ : Archos Player-specific code.
    • apps/plugins/ : All plugins distributed with Rockbox.
    • apps/radio/ : Radio related code.
    • apps/recorder/ : Recording code, some code for bitmap lcd targets, some Archos Recorder-specific code.

  • bootloader/ : Bootloaders for the various targets.

  • docs/ : Documentation (somewhat out-of-date, see the rest of the wiki for updated developer documentation).

  • firmware/ : Core and device-dependent code. This includes the kernel, individual chip drivers, FAT-handling code, font parsing and display, library code (mimics the C/POSIX API for the rest of Rockbox) as well as RoLo.
    • firmware/common/ : Common C and Rockbox libraries (string manipulation, file system access, etc).
    • firmware/export/ : Public header files intended for use by the rest of Rockbox (ie, 'userspace' in apps/)
    • firmware/target/[arch]/[vendor]/[device]/ : Device-specific drivers and code. Currently, some target specific code is mixed in with general purpose Rockbox code. The TargetTree move is still in progress. For newer ports device-specific code should be put here.

  • flash/ : Utilities for installing Rockbox to flash memory on supporting devices.

  • fonts/ : Fonts in BDF format.

  • gdb/ : Utility for debugging Archos devices using gdb over a serial interface.

  • manual/ : Official Rockbox manual written utilizing TeX.

  • rbutil/ : Cross-platform installer written in C++ utilizing Qt4.

  • tools/ : Misc development and installation utilities including the custom build environment (tools/configure).

  • uisimulator/ : UiSimulator to allow development and debugging of plugins and other code from a standard Unix/Linux or Windows/cygwin based PC.

  • utils/ : Misc utilities related to but not necessary to build Rockbox.

  • wps/ : WPS and themes shipped standard with Rockbox.

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