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Submitting your WPS for inclusion in Rockbox

If you would like to share a customised WPS you have designed with others, then you can submit it to the Rockbox project for inclusion in the Rockbox distribution.

How to submit your WPS

If your WPS contains images it should be submitted as a ZIP file containing the WPS file and the image directory. So, might contain

If your WPS is a single file, it may be submitted as is.

This file should be uploaded to the Rockbox patch tracker with category set to WPS. When submitting, please follow the guidelines below:

WPSes submitted for inclusion in Rockbox must be:

  1. Submitted by (or with the permission of) the original author
  2. Licensed under the GPL
  3. Contain only images that are the intellectual property of the author or of the Rockbox project, or are licensed under a GPL compatible license.
  4. Tags for the track title, album and artist should be encoded in such a way that they fall back to the file name (%fn), the name of the directory immediately above (%d1), and the directory immediately above that (%d2) respectively i.e.


    or variants.
  5. Must include the following information in the text submitted with your patch (NOT just inside the ZIP file):

    # Name of the WPS (_including_ .wps extension)
    # Real name of the creator of the WPS
    # Preferred font (including .fnt extension - leave blank for player):
    # Whether the WPS is designed to have the statusbar on or off
    # The minimum required pixel height for the WPS
    #  176 for H3xx, 128 for H1xx, 64 for Recorder/Ondio, 14 for player
    # The minimum required pixel width for the WPS (160 for iRiver,
    #  220 for H3xx, 160 for H1xx, 112 for Recorder/Ondio, 55 for player

    Also a link to a screen capture of the WPS (can be from the simulator).
  6. Must contain a statement that the submitter has read and complied with the guidelines for WPS files laid out at
  7. Must not use any patched version of rockbox, i.e. it must be compatible with the current daily rockbox.

Please note that patches not conforming to these guidelines are unlikely to be processed.
r4 - 11 Aug 2006 - 14:17:47 - JeroenKlomp

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