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Wiki > Main > TWikiAdminGroup (r11)

TWiki Administrator Group

  • Member list:
    • Set GROUP = ATWikiUser?
  • Persons/group who can change the list:

Related topics: WikiUsers, TWikiGroups, TWikiAccessControl?

ALERT! NOTE: If you happen to lock yourself out of TWikiAdminGroup during setup activities, you can edit this group topic at file system level using any text file editor (as a last resort.)

Setup Note to Administrator:
  1. Verify that user authentication is working
  2. Edit this group topic (click Edit)
  3. Insert wanted TWikiUsers in the TWiki Administrator Group by listing them in the GROUP setting
    (please remove the demonstration user 'ATWikiUser' as well)
  4. Save this topic
  5. Verify that new members show up properly in the group listing at TWikiGroups
  6. Write protect this topic by removing the # sign from the ALLOWTOPICCHANGE setting
  7. Save this topic again - TWikiAdminGroup is now locked to allow editing only by listed users in GROUP
  8. Suggestion: Add the ALLOWTOPICHANGE setting to System.TWikiPreferences? and Main.TWikiPreferences and set it to this group (TWikiAdminGroup), restricting edit of site-wide preferences to the TWiki Administrator Group
  9. Remove this setup note after you have finished setup
r11 - 27 Mar 2005 - 13:45:41 - TWikiContributor

Copyright by the contributing authors.