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TWiki Groups

These groups can be used to define fine grained TWikiAccessControl in Wiki:

Group Members
BaseGroup AdminUser WikiGuest UnknownUser ProjectContributor RegistrationAgent
AdminGroup AdminUser SolomonPeachy
TWikiAdminGroup BjornStenberg DanielStenberg LinusNielsenFeltzing SolomonPeachy
WikiUsersGroup AaronGoltz AaronGonzalez AaronHuggins AaronOrquia AaronUrbanski AaronShort AdamBoot AdamGashlin AdamHodacsek AdamKessel AdamStaines AdriaanLeijnse AdrianBjugard AidanWallace AlainTrinh AlanDavies AlanDavies2 AlastairCassell AlbertoLozano AlcaHest AlejandroArellano AlekseyLyashin AlessioLenzi AlexanderBondar AlexanderBoteroLowry AlexanderPapst AlexanderSpyridakis AlexandreBourget AlexandreFournelle AlexandreViard AlexandrosSchillings AlexBepple AlexButcher
user list truncated

New Group:  

warning Note: A group topic name must be a WikiWord and must end in ...Group. New topics are based on TWikiGroupTemplate

IMPORTANT NOTE: Think twice before restricting write access to a web or a topic, because an open system where everybody can contribute is the essence of WikiCulture. Experience shows that unrestricted write access works very well because:
  • There is enough peer pressure to post only appropriate content.
  • Content does not get lost because topics are under revision control.
  • A topic revision can be undone by a member of the TWikiAdminGroup if necesssary.

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