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Overview of Rockbox target status types


We now have a three tier system. "Stable", the first and highest tier consists of the older "supported" targets and all new targets which reach that level of stability. The middle tier, "Unstable" consists of devices that are in development and mostly usable but lack features or are otherwise incomplete. The lowest tier is "unusable" which is all in-progress ports that have code in git but usage should be limited to developers.

Stable Target Criteria

  • A main Rockbox build that enables the device to be used as a digital music player. Rockbox does not support charging or USB on every player, and in those cases the port must support dual-booting into the original firmware to enable those features.
  • End-user installation instructions for the three major operating systems (Linux, OS X and Windows), including instructions for dual-boot where it is required to meet the previous criteria;
  • A released bootloader
  • Binary releases of any required installation tools (for all three major OSes).
  • Buildable through the build system

Unstable Target Criteria

  • Generally usable for audio playback as determined by target's developers
  • Well documented install procedure on wiki
  • Well organized wiki explaining the current state of the port (see SansaAMS for example)
  • A released bootloader
  • Binary releases of any required installation tools for one or more OSes.

Unusable Target Criteria

Targets which are well on their way to being unstable, but still with major issues.

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