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TerraTec M3Po?


There are two more mp3-players based on the MAS and the SH1. We are talking here about the TerraTec M3Po? and the Oscar. Latter can still be bought. These are hifi-mp3-player with a cd-rom-drive and an optional hard disk for home use. They even gave an USB to the oscar now. Porting Rockbox to these devices would be one more voiced ("accessible") device, plus one rockbox device that still can be bought.



Hardware Information

I took my beloved M3Po? apart and lay it on the scanner, part by part. The here shown images are jpg's, I got the bmp's (600dpi scans), so don't hesitate to ask me if you need that.

There is a main pcb, an additional ide-add-on, two front-pcb for controls and a standard-lcd-display.

All the attachments have been lost due to the unfortunate loss of wiki data

* Main pcb, topview, lowres: main_pcb_top_k.jpg * Main pcb, backside, lowres: main_pcb_backside_k.jpg

ide-addon topside, lowres ide-addon backside, lowres
ide_addon_top_k.jpg ide_addon_back_k.jpg

FrontPanel1, front, lowres FrontPanel1, back, lowres
fp1_top_k.jpg fp1_back_k.jpg

FrontPanel3, front, lowres FrontPanel3, back, lowres
fp3_front_k.jpg fp3_back_k.jpg

  • Display front, lowres: display_front_k.jpg
  • Display, back, lowres: display_back_k.jpg
  • arrangement, cables:
Img_8455_k.jpg Img_8454_k.jpg
r1 - 19 Sep 2005 - 20:27:32 - JonasHaeggqvist

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