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Texas Instruments TMS320 Series


DA255 is the TMS320 derivative used in the Creative Zen Touch and possibly other Creative / Dell DJ devices. The exact specifics of this variant (which is presumably a custom variant for Creative) are not fully known, but it is known that these are ARM processors with a C55x core. The entire tag on one chip reads "TMS320 DA255GHH 4A-4AAFDEW". Unfortunately, Texas Instruments only gives the documentation out after signing a TI NDA.

Forum post on Nomadness


DM320 is the common short name for the Texas Instruments microcontroller equipped with an ARM926EJ-S core and a TMS320vc5409 DSP.

TMS320DSC24 Data Manual (similar to the TMS320DM320)


The predecessor Texas Instruments DM270 has an ARM7TDMI 88mhz core and the same TMS320vc5409 DSP.

Some info taken from this ingenient presentation.


Texas Instruments' Product Information

  • Cowon O2 PMP


The Archos AV3x0 and AV1x0 players use the TMS320DSC25 (ARM7TDMI core) model:

Further Reading and Notes

Wikipedia on the TMS320 chip family
TMS320 ARM/DSP bridge
TMS320 C5xx information
Some info taken from this Polish mp3store thread.

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