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Rockbox Graphical Theme Editor

This project is part of the Google Summer of Code 2010 project.

Project name Student Mentor Backup mentor
Rockbox Graphical Theme Editor Robert Bieber (bieber) Dominik Riebeling (bluebrother) Amaury Pouly (pamaury)


The goal of this project is to produce a GUI application for the production of Rockbox themes. The editor will handle the compilation of all the files associated with a theme, but the most significant task will be the WPS editor. The final product will include a syntax-highlighting code editor for WPS files with instant preview. If everything goes according to schedule, the editor should also include a drag-and-drop interface to WPS creation by the end of the Summer.


The editor now allows displaying, previewing, and some graphical editing of documents and extensive project management. The current editor source code can be found in the trunk of the Rockbox Git tree, in the utils/themeeditor/ subdirectory. With a Qt4 build environment set up on a unix system, you can compile it with the command "qmake" followed by "make", and run it with the command "./rbthemeeditor". See also QtBuildEnvironment on how to set up the build environment.

Relevant Resources

Project Plan

  • Develop a stand-alone WPS parsing/code generation library. [Complete]
  • Lay the foundation of the GUI interface, including the syntax-highlighting text editor. [Complete]
  • Implement rendering of WPS documents. [Complete]
  • Improve the GUI to release quality. [Complete]
  • Implement graphical editing of WPS documents. [Complete]

Currently Working On

Spiffying up the documentation for the end of SOC. I'll still be making changes, but I'm now finished with working full-time on the editor.

-- RobertBieber - 2010-07-07

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