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Current work



By the time DevConWest2007 came around, the current method of theme display, storing, and management was getting to the point where the various themes were simply outgrowing the current wiki situation. We decided to abandon the wiki galleries and move to a situation much like the popular unofficial repository managed by Redbreva. A few weeks after DCW, AustinAppel was given FTP access to a copy of Redbreva's site and began work on adapting it to be the official repository. The code of the site will be placed into SVN so that anyone willing can make improvements to the site. Either Redbreva or AustinAppel will be able to update the live site with the changes in SVN.

Current procedure

People who have access to the site (not necessarily full access) will get a mail from the submission mailing list when a submission is entered. Not everyone has access to the patched builds area at the moment, so if you have access to the data folder as your root, ignore the patched builds mails. They will then look at the .zip and see if it has the proper file structure. Until we get the validation system up and going, check that there aren't any errors in the sim (I would imagine all of you know how this goes, and rasher's sims are easily accessible). If everything is in the green, they will move the .txt, .zip, and any .png files into the correct resolution folder and delete them from the UnTested folder. Finally, they will send an email to the submitter (listed in the submission mail) telling them if the theme was accepted or rejected with a reason. Only reject themes for technical reasons. This mail is to be CCed to submissionATrockbox-themesDOTorg so everyone can see it to minimize any stepping on another's toes. This may sound like a decent amount of work, but it really is quite quick.


  • Full zip generation (?)
  • Image conversion to eliminate the PNG requirement (to-do)
  • Validation system (done)
  • Admin panel (to-do)

Layout of the site

data folder

This folder is where the themes are stored

Resolution folders

Folders for each resolution/screentype. They are named like "320x240x16", etc. Inside these are the actual files of the themes hosted. These include the .zip, the .txt that the information such as submitters name, description, etc is pulled from, and the .png file(s) that show screenshots. Also in here can be/is a file named info.txt which can be used to display resolution specific notes on the page.

UnTested folder

This is where the themes are stored temporarily until they are approved to be moved into the active site.


Used to generate the devices page in themes.php. (?)


Displayed at the top of the page when the themes are actually displayed. (?)

images folder

Contains various images for the site including the images of the targets.

patch folder

The section of the site for the themes that require patches. Works in the same way and has many of the same files with a few modifications.


Is included at the end of each page. Serves to close tags, etc.


Lists the guidelines for theme submission (wasn't this supposed to be a link to a Wiki page?)


The main page of the site. Calls themes.php.


Serves to mainly call rbutil_themes.php. This is not yet used with rbutilqt.php.


Builds the page suitable for reading by RButil. This is used with the outdated wx version of RButil.


Builds the page suitable for reading by RButil. This is used with the new qt version of RButil.


Displays a page that serves to find out which upload.php to direct the user to (the all builds or patched builds submission page).


Displays a list of targets, then builds/displays the table of the various themes for whichever resolution parameter was passed.


Included on the top of each page. Contains things such as the sidebar.


The upload page that contains all of the fields for people to fill in regarding their theme they want to submit.


Called when the submitter clicks the submit button and parses the info, uploads the files, and writes an email off to the submission list. (merged together with upload.php)

Everything in bold was added by MaurusCuelenaere to the original page to describe current SVN's situation and/or give comment

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