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Todo and Ideas

What this page is

  • A collection of various ideas for Rockbox that don't fit in other places. Both things that need to be implemented, and vague dreams that may not happen.
  • A page primarily for developers to keep track of ideas that they want to work on at one point or another.

What this page isn't

  • It is NOT the correct place for feature requests. Use the SourceForge tracker to submit one.
  • It is NOT an extensive list of what people are working on. So if a thing isn't mentioned here, that doesn't mean it isn't being worked on. See the resources below for more information about what's currently happening in Rockbox development.

Name Category Description People working on it
rockboy games see PluginRockboy, needs work on CPU assembly core, needs deep investigation for that palette bug  
rockblox games needs vertical mode for iriver, hard as it almost needs a complete rewrite Toni Done Patch
rockout games breakout for rockbox (just an idea, any takers?) rasher (gave up, result attached)
rockbeans games dr' robotnik mean bean machine clone HCl (maybe sometime)
flipit games needs adjustment for iriver lcd  
slidingpuzzle games needs adjustment for iriver lcd  
database statistics Extend the existing database to allow on the fly playlists and runtime info. (see DatabaseV2? ) HCl
dumb codecs Write mod2wav plugin using the dumb mod library, need to convert floating point to fixed point, implement fixed point versions of pow and exp  
highscore lib games Add functions for highscore list presentation and name entry none
remote support display While there is a function pallette for the remote we dont have a filetree or a wps for it. TiMiD?
rockbubble games Bust-A-Move like puzzle game. Probably would work best after iRiver H3xx support improves and color LCD support is added. (May work with grayscale using patters, but would be hard to play) none

Glitches that need fixing

Glitch People working on it
Update dir contents when returning from viewers/plugins  

See also

CategoryFrontpage: General Todo list for developers
I Attachment Action Size Date Who Comment
ReleaseNotes-25.txttxt ReleaseNotes-25.txt manage 11.9 K 19 Sep 2005 - 23:03 JonasHaeggqvist testing testing rockout.c manage 9.8 K 22 May 2005 - 20:21 JonasHaeggqvist Broken beginnings of a break-out clone
r65 - 07 Oct 2005 - 14:43:55 - AlexSpy

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