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The Tower of Rockbox


Many moons ago, a tradition was born for Rockboxers and friends alike. When a small group of these beings (scientific name: Rockboxus hackerus) gathered together, they would build unusual structures with their DAPs. These structures became known as "Tower of Rockbox".

Here on this page, Rockboxers the world over may post pictures of their Towers they built at gatherings, or with a large collection of supported players, both intact or opened up.

How to post

Simply take a good snapshot of your Tower, and post it here, along with:

* Where it was taken, and when
* What players were used in its construction, and
* Your forum/IRC/real name

With that, begin the ritual construction! smile

Gallery of Towers

The following seems to be the first known example:
Linus and Björn and a bunch of Archoses
  • To prove that the tradition has been along us already from the start, check out this picture from April 2002 featuring Linus and Björn and a bunch of Archoses.

  • The DevCon2007 Tower of Rockbox:
    (full resolution)
  • This risky construction was made of: 2 Cowon X5s, 2 Archos Recorders, 2 Archos FM-Recorders, 3 Ipod Videos, 1 Ipod Nano, 3 Iriver H100s, 2 Iriver H300s (one a "development version") + 1 H300 main board, 1 Gigabeat F, 1 Sandisk E200 + the Sandisk E200 devboard and some random boards that were lying around.
  • In the background you can see the main creator of this structure: LinusN
  • Notable in this picture is also the glass which was filled with beer before... wink

  • From DevConWest2007; built during the period of 15 June 2007 to 17 June 2007:
  • This grand royale Tower of Rockbox is from DevConWest2007. This is the result of a bunch of Rockbox hackers all in the same place. According to scorche, this Tower is built from:
  • 2 Archos JBRv1s, 5 Gigabeat Fs, 7 Gigabeat F mainboards, 1 Gigabeat X, 1 Gigabeat S, 1 Gigabeat S mainboard, 1 Gigabeat V, 1 iPod Color/photo, 3 iPod nanos, 2 iPod videos, 1 iriver H100, and 3 Sansa e200 series.
  • Finally, involved in its construction were scorche, Llorean, lostlogic, soap, hcs, toffe82, and Joely..

  • From markun's visit to NYC - 2007-10-10:
  • This Tower of Rockbox was built when markun visited New York City on 10 Oct, 2007. We used Marcoen's Gigabeat F, my iPod video (5.5G 30GB) and Archos JBRv1, and an H320 and H120 from two of my friends who were there with us.
    -- Posted by LambdaCalculus379 on 30 Nov, 2007 at 20:45.

  • Tower of Rockbox made during the New York meeting - 2007-10-11:
  • This Tower was built using an H140, H360 (H340 modified), an Archos JBRv1, 3 Gigabeat Fs (2 40 and 1 20), an H120 (with RTC), and a 5.5G iPod video 30GB.
  • Involved in its construction were markun, LambdaCalculus379, Davide-NYC, and evilnick.

  • rockboxtowersmall.jpg:
H340, iHP120, Sansa c250, ipod 4g 20gb, ipod 5.5g 30gb 1 December 2007 Almere, The Netherlands

  • XavierGr's small tower of rockbox: Made with my H340, H140, Ondio FM and Gigabeat F when I was on my home bored to death. Built on 16/04/2007

This Tower is made of: 2 Ondio Fm, Ondio SP, H140, H115, 2 H340, Gigabeat F40, Gigabeat F20

  • Tower of Rockbox at German Pub meeting - Karlsruhe, 2007-12-08:

  • Christmas Tower of Rockbox (amiconn & pixelma) - Berlin, 2007-12-25:
    ToR_xmas_left_small.jpg ToR_xmas_right_small.jpg
This tower consists of:

Device Capacity (GB) Weight (g)
total 412.25 2386
Archos Studio 20 351
Archos Recorder v1 80 367
Iriver H140 80 182
Iriver H340 40 204
iAudio M3 40 153
iAudio M5L 20 182
iAudio X5 20 151
iPod 2nd Gen 20 212
iPod Video 5.5th Gen (LinusN) 80 157
iPod Mini 2nd Gen 4 100
Iriver H10 6 98
Ondio 128 FM 0.125 93
Ondio 128 FM 0.125 93
Sansa c250 2 43

  • LambdaCalculus379's Mini Tower of Rockbox - New York, NY, 02-01-2008:
  • Made while I was at work today. I used my 5.5G iPod video, Archos JBRv1, Sansa c240, and (new... sorta) 4G iPod color.
  • (Yes, that's my sweater sleeve you see reflecting off the iPod video's screen. :P)

  • DevConTucker Tower, Australia Day 2008 (Jan 26), Seattle, WA, USA, JdGordon, scorche, lostlogic, midkay
  • We obviously hadn't drank enough yet... from the top down: iPod Nano, Sansa e200, Gigabeat F and iPod Video 30GB, iPod Video 60GB, 4 Sansa e200s (in the Amazing Sansa e200 Super Stander-Upper Thingy (TM)), m:robe 500, 2 Archos Recorder v1s
  • Video of the build to come!

  • Llorean's Rockboxes, nearly Rockboxes, and Rockboxes currently on loan to him:

  • DevConPub London, 6 Mar 2008. featuring rockboxed and proto-rockboxed devices from linuxstb, pondlife, shotofadds and stripwax
    Apologies for the pretty awful quality, but all we had was a camera phone and a very dark pub off of The Strand ...
  • RockHenge
  • Empire Rockbox Building
    Empire Rockbox Building

  • gevaerts's current collection:

  • Slightly less players, but higher:

  • DevConEuro 2008:
  • Here it is, folks... the biggest, baddest Tower of Rockbox constructed at DevConEuro2008! Try and guess all of the players used in its construction! 75cm!

  • The "Hoboken Tower of Rockbox":
  • Apologies for the grain quality; all we had was a cell phone camera with limited quality. Anyway, this Tower was constructed by LambdaCalculus379 and wpyh at a pub in Hoboken, New Jersey.
  • This Tower was built with an Archos Jukebox 5000, an Archos JBRv1, two iPod videos (30GB and 80GB), an iPod color, a Toshiba Gigabeat S, a Sansa c200, an Onda VX767, and a Meizu M3 MusicCard. (Okay, so we cheated a bit. :P)
  • What better way to enjoy Rockbox than with a tall glass of Guinness? smile

  • From markun's visit to New York City, 28 October-1 November:
  • Once again, markun visited New York City, and together with LambdaCalculus379, Davide-NYC, and evilnick, constructed this lovely Tower of Rockbox at our favorite Irish pub, Puck Fair, in New York City.
  • This Tower was built with an Archos Jukebox 5000, an Archos JBRv1, a bunch of iriver H100s, three Gigabeasts, three Gigabeat F's, two iPod videos, an iPod color, a 2nd gen iPod, an iAudio X5L, a Sansa e200, a Sansa c200, a Meizu M6SP, and an H300. I may have missed one or two players, but you should be able to spot them. smile
  • You can also spot a couple of the beers evilnick was enjoying that night over in the back.

  • SCaLE7x Tower of Rockbox:

  • Built by scorche, toffe82, and soap during SCaLE7x in Los Angeles, California.
  • Try and guess the players used in its construction. smile

  • And you thought 2008's Tower of Rockbox couldn't be topped... well, it's been topped... with LED pigs. smile

  • 84.5cm tall excluding pigs!

  • Tower Of Rockbox - Christmas Edition 2009 in Berlin
  • Includes: iPod Video, iPod 3G, iPod Mini, Sansa Clip, Sansa Fuze, Sansa E200, Gigabeat 260, Gigabeat F, Samsung YH-925, iAudio M5 (not visible), Mini 2440 and Beer

  • 1.04m tall, highest tower so far!

  • Frank Gevaerts visits New York City again, October 2010
  • Includes an HTC Magic in honour of Rockbox being ported to Android!

  • 117cm, The highest tower ever, and the first DevCon tower to have RaaA devices.


  • 91cm tall, 78 players. The third highest tower ever, and the second highest that doesn't include RaaA devices

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