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Use Old iPods With Bad Firewire port


This applies to 1G and 2G iPods which came with Firewire ports (instead of USB).

The problem

You have an iPod with a dead Firewire port (dead as in no data transfer possible). In my case the iPod's Firewire port was damaged by a poorly wired car charger. The solution could also be used if you have a Firewire iPod, but no Firewire port on your PC.

The solution

First you need to be able to open your iPod and remove the hard disk drive. iFixit provides a wonderful set of Instructions for doing this here. If this bit scares you, don't bother reading on!

You then need to purchase a 1.8" USB Hard Drive Enclosure for Toshiba 1.8" Drives". These can be found on eBay by searching for '1.8" usb adaptor'.

Connect the iPod drive to the adapter, and the adapter to a USB port on your PC. The iPod drive will be seen by your OS as a USB hard drive.

The latest version (V2.00) of IpodPatcher recognizes the drive as an iPod ... and the remainder of the Rockbox installation process should be as per the manual. Once you have installed Rockbox (and added some music!), you can re-assemble the iPod, and enjoy your music.

NOTE: Rockbox Utility will also see the hard drive as an iPod, which will allow you to install Rockbox as well.

I'll admit the technique isn't very user friendly, but it's okay for those like me who just hate to toss out partially working gadgets.

-- MarkFawcus - 02 Oct 2007

r4 - 02 Apr 2021 - 20:46:07 - UnknownUser

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