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User Converted Fonts


This page will contain fonts that have been converted using the Rockbox Font Converter or by other means and are usable in Rockbox. It is meant to be used like the Rockbox WPS gallery. In order to post fonts on this page, you must have express permission to do so by the font author and the original font must be linked to. If you have made the font yourself, you can post it here freely, but it would be a good idea to license it and post a link to the license.

Please follow the template set up for posting fonts and name all the files like you see them on the "Attach Files" page.

VKB Kon Qa Capitalist

Original Author: Victor Bagu

License: Explicit Permission by Author

Description: This is a font made by Victor Bagu and can be found at It works quite well even when converted to the Rockbox format. A wide variety of sizes are included for your using pleasure. Enjoy!

Link To Original Version


r24 - 02 Apr 2021 - 20:46:07 - UnknownUser

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