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User Form

Note: This is a maintenance topic, used by the TWiki administrator.

This form defines the form of the home pages of registered TWiki users listed in WikiUsers.

Name Type Size Values Tooltip message
Name text 40    
Country text 40    
Email text 40    
Comment textarea 50x6    

  • Persons/group who can change this topic:

ALERT! Note: Please keep the %TWIKIWEB%.TWikiRegistration form and this form definition in sync. When you update this form you need to edit/save the %TWIKIWEB%.NewUserTemplate topic. This ensures that the fields are in the right order.

Related topics: WikiUsers, UserViewTemplate, %TWIKIWEB%.NewUserTemplate, UserHomepageHeader, %TWIKIWEB%.TWikiForms, %TWIKIWEB%.TWikiRegistration

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