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To edit pages on this Foswiki site, you must:

  1. Have a registered user name and password. That's what this page is for.
  2. Use your real name as WikiName in the form FirstnameLastname. I.e., if your first name is "Joe" and your last name is "Doe" then your wiki name has to be "JoeDoe".
  3. Be added to WikiUsersGroup by another member. This is easiest done by asking in IRC.

Please only register when you plan to contribute. If you do not use your real name, your request for an account will be denied.

To register as a new user, simply fill out this form:

Fields marked ** are required
Real First Name : ** (a fake name will get your account disabled)
Real Last Name: ** (a last initial will not be accepted)
(identifies you to others) WikiName: **
E-mail address: **
Your password: **
Retype password: **
Country: **

HELP Note: Registered users can change and reset their passwords.

When Wiki receives the form, it will mail an account activation code to the e-mail address you gave above. Enter that activation code in the following screen, or follow the link in the e-mail, to activate your account. Once your account is activated, Wiki will:
  • Finish creating an account for you, so that you can start editing pages using your WikiName.
  • Create your personal Wiki topic using your WikiName as topic name, and add the data you submitted to the topic.
  • Add your name to the list of users in the WikiUsers topic in the Main web.
  • Send you a confirmation of your registration by e-mail.
Once registered you can login using your WikiName and password.

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