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How to use TortoiseSVN together with Cygwin

We don't use SVN anymore, so this document is no longer relevant to rockbox!


After installing TortoiseSVN, right-click on a folder and select 'SVN Checkout'. Fill in 'svn://' as repository. TortoiseSVN does CRLF translation by default (called 'native'), so all the files you check out will be in CRLF format. That's not what you're used to (from working with CVS), but don't worry about it... If you have commit access: you will get asked user name and password during the first commit, and there's an option to save username and password you supply there.


Run Cygwin setup again, and select using CR+LF now. This will allow Cygwin to run the scripts that now have CRLF line-endings. While you're there, install SVN too in case you also want SVN commandline access.


You can create patches using Cygwin (svn diff) or using TortoiseSVN. Just remember that you're working in CRLF mode now, so don't forget to dos2unix your patches before adding them to the tracker.

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