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Rockbox Voice Files

Voice files are now built daily automatically as part of the build system. You can find the voice files made available by the Rockbox project by following the extras link on the website menu. Any other voice files may or may not work, but the ones provided there are expected to and should always be tried before seeking support over IRC, the forums, or the mailing list, or attempting to file a bug.

Alternatively, you can use RockboxUtility to make your own voice files or make them through the Rockbox build system.

Making voice files with Rockbox build system

similar to How to compile Rockbox but you will need to supply some different commands

first start by making your build directory
 mkdir build_voice 
 cd build_voice 

Next enter the number for your target platform <>

Press a for Advanced

Press v for Voice (or v s if you want Voice files for a simulator build)


choose your language <> (13 is english)

choose your tts engine <> (f is (F)estival (you may need to install one))

choose voice to use <> (you may need to install one)

Press Enter again to create the makefile

Finally type:
make voice 

after a bit you should have a .voice file generated

place this file into your .rockbox/langs/ directory

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