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Whimory is the name of the Flash Translation Layer (FTL) used in several NAND-flash based mp3 players.

FTLs typically manage the following tasks:
  • Presenting the flash as a simple block-device to the filesystem layer above
  • Wear leveling of the NAND flash, spreading out the erase operations evenly over all blocks
  • Error detection and correcting
  • Bad-block management, keeping a list of bad flash blocks so they are no longer used to store data
Players using the Whimory FTL include:
Player Firmware Whimory Remark
Ipod nano 2g   ?  
Meizu M3 T2003.5, M3_T2004.6 2.1.2  
Meizu M6-SP S1010_RC4, M6_S2004.6 2.1.2  
Meizu M6-SL M6SL_V2.004.6 2.1.2  
Samsung YP-S3 ? 2.2.0  
Samsung YP-R0 ? 2.2.1  
Samsung YP-T9 ? 2.0.0  
iriver E10 ? 2.0  
iriver T10 ? ?  
iriver T20 ? ?  
iriver T30 ? ?  

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