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Who Does And Admins What In Rockbox

The server

Administration is done by the Haxx trio (Daniel, Linus and Björn). The box is a quad-core AMD Opteron 270, with a 10mbit/sec connection to the world. Running Debian Linux. The server is located in Akalla Sweden and is hosted by Contactor Data AB.

The name

The domain name was registered and donated to us by Jeff. The DNS server administration is done by the trio. email addresses

See RockboxOrgEmail for details on who can get one of the coveted adresses.

The users and dev mailing lists

Are hosted on the same server and are administrated by the Haxx trio

SVN server, daily and current builds.

The scripts are mostly written and administrated by Daniel but the whole trio has access.

forums on

Is a separate server (located in the US) administrated by AustinAppel.

The theme repository

Is hosted on the same server as the forums.


server "labb" owned by Contactor hosts and The build master script runs on the build host. Located in Sweden.

server "giant" owned by Haxx hosts and thus hosts the subversion repository and the web interface to that. It also hosts the download mirror master. Located in Sweden. consists of three servers that syncs with the master at least once per hour. Note that does not actually include the master. They're located in the US, the UK and France. and are hosted by AustinAppel (scorche) and is located in the US.
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