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Rockbox Wiki Issues

Known Issues

This is a table of currently known issues that haven't been fixed yet. Once an issue is fixed, please move it to the "Fixed Issues" table below.

Issue Date Reported Comments
Internal error 2011-03-04 Foswiki detected an internal error - please check your Foswiki logs and webserver logs for more information. Wide character in memGzip
bad base URL 2013-07-14 base element in HTML code contains URL with "/Main/" in it, which looks obsolete, and causes every link (including internal anchors) to result in a HTTP 302 redirection (full page reloading). A solution would be to remove the '/Main/' bit from that URL.
Table sort fail 2013-11-26 Clicking a table column header fails to sort on that column, e.g. on TargetStatus, WebStatistics
Links in preview fail 2013-11-26 Edit Preview fails to show links as links
WebStatistics autoupdate fail 2013-11-26 WebStatistics says "this topic .. is updated automatically" but it appears otherwise - as of Nov 2013, no entry since Oct 2010 is present.
WebStatistics forced update fail 2013-11-26 Click WebStatistics "You can also force an update" link to fails saying Content Encoding Error "The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because it uses an invalid or unsupported form of compression." (Firefox).
Search fail 2014-01-06 "Search text" fails. E.g. doesn't report any matches, simply returning to the search input page. Note "Date Reported" is date reported here - In FlySpray I can find no Category to report a website bug.
Restore fail 2013-01-10 On , click Restore button. I get a page headed "Attention" with no content... and I get no restore. ChrisJJ

Fixed Issues

This table lists the issues that have been fixed. If an issue appears at a later date, please move it up to the "Known Issues" table.

Issue Date Fixed Comments
"Go" box and search link are missing 2010-11-23 Updated template
Plugin2048 is not a link on PluginIndex 2019-08-02 Added link brackets

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