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Rockbox Documentation - Wiki Version

Note: recent documentation effort concentrated on the pdf (and html) manual so this may be somewhat outdated. Please see also for more information.

Getting started with Rockbox

Using Rockbox

Finding More Information

Helping out with documentation of Rockbox

Notice something in the WikiManual that is outdated or inaccurate? Please edit the manual and correct it!

We also have a documentation process ongoing for a .pdf manual. This is being written in LaTeX. Please help us out and merge the wiki manual with this. To get started, check out ManualHowto.

Style conventions:
  • Buttons are displayed using CAPS (E.g. "Press PLAY on a file to ...")
  • Settings are displayed using quotation marks (E.g., If set to "Yes," this option will ...")
  • The word "jukebox" in lower-case letters is used to refer generically to supported digital audio player/recorders.
  • "iriver" should be used entirely in lower case letters consistently with the way that iriver refers to itself.
  • An initial capital letter is used when referring to specific models of jukebox (e.g., Recorder = Archos Recorder)

-- MichaelDiFebbo - 23 Aug 2005
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